Winstrol Results: Before and After Pictures

Winstrol Results: Before and After Pictures

Winstrol is mainly used as a cutting steroid due to its 3 main characteristics:

  • Burns fat
  • Builds muscle
  • Makes¬†you look more ‘dry’

The main reason winstrol isn’t recommended during a bulking cycle is that; firstly there are better steroids than winny for building muscle. And secondly winstrol can make your muscles appear flat (the opposite to full).


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So as you can imagine, this flat look isn’t ideal when trying to look as huge as possible in the off-season. Plus it would sort of counteract all the water retention that comes when you take¬†bulking steroids such as dianabol and anadrol.

If you’re interested in taking winstrol for the first time, all sorts of questions are probably whizzing through your head…

What are typical winstrol results?

How much muscle will I gain and how much fat will I burn?

What will I look like after taking winstrol?

There’s no way of knowing how much muscle you will gain and how much fat you will burn when YOU take winstrol, as everyone reacts to compounds differently.

However, if we look at other people’s winstrol results we can get a good picture as to how much a person will gain on average.

One of the highest-profile celebs who was thought to be taking winstrol was Zac Efron, when preparing for the movie role of Matt Brody in Baywatch.

Typical Winstrol Results (Before & After)

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Zac went from looking like a toned guy with some muscle, to a shredded as fua*k alpha male…who you wouldn’t want to mess with.

The reason why I believe Zac took winstrol was because he’s gained muscle, burned a significant amount of fat and is dryer than¬†Gandhi’s flip flop.

…These are the 3 main characteristics of winstrol.

Not to mention his head looks a lot more cube-shaped due to a more developed jaw. This is the result of significantly elevated testosterone levels, which winstrol also causes.

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I would say that Zac’s gains are pretty typical of someone using winstrol, they aren’t exceptional gains for someone on winny, nor are they poor.

Thus based on Zac’s transformation, here’s the estimated¬†gains you can expect to make from¬†an 8 week cycle of this steroid¬†(during a cut):

  • Gain 5kg of lean muscle
  • Lose 4% body fat
  • Appear insanely dry

So you won’t build a tonne of muscle and you won’t drop your body fat by 50%, but what you will do is build a considerable amount of muscle¬†and burn a considerable amount of fat. When you’re doing both of these things at the same time your body composition is going to improve pretty dramatically.

Other steroids to stack with winstrol?

If you want to maximize your winstrol results, you can stack the steroid with some other awesome cutting agents.

For maximum fat loss and muscle gains during a cut, you can combine winny with:

  • Testosterone (sustanon)
  • Clenbuterol
  • Anavar

cutting stack

These 3 steroids will help you build more muscle (yes, even whilst cutting), burn heaps of fat and get you extremely dry/shredded.

It’s also worth mentioning that all 4 of these cutting steroids are pretty mild, meaning you won’t experience a load of horrible side effects (like you would on other steroids *cough* *tren*).

Instead you can enjoy some fricking awesome gains, knowing you’ll still have a good bill of health at the end of your cycle.

The reason why winstrol doesn’t cause¬†side effects fit for a nightmare, is because it doesn’t¬†aromatize. This means estrogen levels stay in check¬†and users don’t retain excessive fluid/water.

…Aka no gyno and no high blood pressure.

One side effect that may occur with winstrol is if you’re genetically predisposed to losing your hair; winny may speed up hair loss/thin your hair after a few¬†cycles. However, sensitive individuals who have noticed this side effect have also reported that hair loss with winstrol may only be temporary; as their hair started to thicken again¬†post-cycle.

This side effect happens because winstrol is an androgenic steroid and thus boosts DHT levels.

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