Winstrol for Women: Good or Bad?

Winstrol for Women: Good or Bad?

Women don’t have a great deal of choice when it comes to steroids. Men can pick and choose whatever bulking or cutting steroid they want, whereas women need to be selective as many compounds cause virilization side effects.

Virilization = when a woman starts to slowly turn into a man.

Using the wrong steroids can cause a woman’s voice to become deeper, her facial structure to alter (becoming more masculine) and hair growth to become…lets say, excessive.

When used in low doses winstrol’s a steroid that’s generally safe for women to use, as it’s not renowned for producing such virilization symptoms…keeping your beautiful feminine-look in tact. However, as you increase the dose, this does become more of a risk.

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Winstrol for Bulking

Although winstrol will help you build muscle, men generally use winstrol when cutting because of its ability to burn fat.

…Plus there are several more powerful steroids out there compared to winny when it comes to building muscle.

However, because women’s testosterone levels are only a fraction compared to men’s, their T levels don’t need to increase ten-fold to experience significant amounts of muscle growth. Women can experience dramatic muscle gains from just taking winny alone, gaining as much as 15lbs of muscle in a month.

This is enough muscle to transform a slim woman into looking lean and mean. This extra muscle mass can be a saviour when dieting, where muscle loss is often inevitable. Building muscle whilst cutting will keep you looking firm and strong, as opposed to having sagging muscle groups.

Also women don’t need to overdose in order to experience muscle gains, as less is more when females take winstrol.

Small doses can result in dramatic gains and upping the dose often does very little…other than increasing your chances of experiencing virilization side effects.

Winstrol for Cutting

Many men and women use winstrol to help them burn fat fast.

But how much fat can you expect to burn on winstrol?

You can expect to lose approximately 5lbs of fat in just a couple of weeks on winny. This may not sound a lot, but 5lbs of pure fat makes a huge difference in the mirror.

…and that’s just in the first week.

Weight loss on winstrol will not only come in the form of fat, but also water. Losing water weight will help you look even leaner, as less water retention increases muscle tone and reduces bloating.

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Winstrol, to Stack or Not to Stack?

Women can get away with running a winstrol-only cycle and still get insane gains in terms of fat loss and muscle gains.

However, men will almost certainly be cutting their gains short if they didn’t stack winny with say – testosterone or trenbolone.

Testosterone and tren are steroids which can cause masculine features to occur in females so I wouldn’t stack either of these with winny. But if you did want to stack winstrol with some other compounds to speed up your fat loss gains; my recommendation would be to take:

  • Anavar


  • Clenbuterol

Anavar will not cause any major side effects in women, plus it’ll maximize fat burning when used in conjunction with winstrol.

Anavar also happens to be a diuretic so you’ll flush out even more water on var. Plus if you want to be as strong as possible, anavar is excellent to include in your stack, with it being one of the best steroids around for increasing strength.

Clenbuterol is a cutting agent that has no androgenic activity whatsoever, making it perfectly safe and easy for women to use. Clen works exactly the same for men/women by supercharging your metabolism, enhancing fat burning and increasing energy levels (which remain sustained throughout the day).

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