5 TRUTHS the Supplement Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know…

5 TRUTHS the Supplement Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know…

The fitness and supplement industry can often be deceiving. From over-exaggerating benefits, to flat out lying to customers about what a supplement can do.

Here are 5 truths, that supplement companies would hate for gym-goers to discover, because it would put a massive dent in their annual profits.

  1. Supplements are a waste of money
  2. Genetics are everything
  3. Test boosters don’t work
  4. Pre workouts can give you anxiety/depression
  5. Creatine will spike your blood pressure

Supplements Are a Waste of Money

People will tell you that supplements can give you an edge, and maximize your muscle gains or/and fat loss. However, the truth is: even the best natural supplements don’t do much in regards to gains.

Your results are largely determined by your workouts and nutrition (calorie intake). Supplements don’t come cheap, and unless they’re steroids, the impact from them will be very, very minimal.

I used to spend £100+ on supplements each month in a bid to get as jacked as possible. Then for a test, I decided to take no supplements.

What happened?

My gains were exactly the same. My strength was the same, my recovery levels were identical and my muscle size was the same.

…But I saved £100+ each month.

Some people might say “But, studies back up the effectiveness of supplements”.

Number 1 – studies are often biased and manipulated to create a certain results; being funded by supplement companies themselves.

Number 2 – often studies are deceptive. For example, one study may say ‘more protein results in more muscle’. However, the truth may be that actually the ‘higher protein’ group were consuming more calories – and that was the reason for their additional muscle gains.

The best way to find out what works and what doesn’t isn’t blindly trusting a ‘study’, but actually testing things out yourself.

Genetics Are Everything


Firstly, genetics aren’t EVERYTHING. However, they are extremely important when it comes to building muscle.

If you don’t have good muscle-building genetics, you’re unlikely to ever get jacked – no matter how good your diet is or how much you spend on supplements.

This is why you can copy all of the workouts, replicate the same diet plan and take the same supplements as your idols…yet never get close to looking like them.

The truth is; real natural bodybuilders who are MASSIVE, have world-class genetics. Thus unless you too have extraordinary muscle-building DNA – it’s unrealistic to think you’ll look like them.

However, it IS possible for everyone to get into good shape and to get ripped. However, building huge amounts of muscle is most likely off the cards for mere mortals.

If this truth got out, many supplement companies would go out of business, because people would realize that supplements won’t transform your genetic code.

Test Boosters Don’t Work

Supplement companies will tell you – “steroids only work because they increase your testosterone. Test boosters can also boost T levels to help you build muscle”.

However, the truth is steroids contain exogenous testosterone which will multiply your T levels by 100’s or thousands of %.

Natural testosterone boosters may increase your testosterone, but only by 30% or so. However, boosting T by this amount often makes zero difference to your body composition.

In order to build significant amounts of muscle by spiking your testosterone levels – you’ll need to spike them A LOT. Test boosters 99% of the time don’t do this.

I say 99% of the time, because every rare once in a while, you’ll get a person who reacts incredibly well to a test booster and builds a lot of muscle. I actually happened to be one of these people, but this really is a RARE instance. Hence how most people slag off test boosters, and why supplement companies don’t get repeat orders on test boosters.

Pre Workouts Can Give You Anxiety/Depression


Virtually all pre-workouts contain various stimulants (the most popular one being caffeine). Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, causing the body to produce more adrenaline, increasing energy levels and motivation.

The downside to elevated levels of adrenaline is – it causes the body to shift into fight or flight mode.

Thus after your workout has finished and you’re walking down the street, your brain may perceive ordinary/harmless situations as ‘threats’, resulting in anxiety.

Also when your nervous system is stimulated excessively, it can reduce serotonin levels in the brain, a neurotransmitter responsible for making us feel happy. Consequently, those taking pre-workouts on a regular basis may become more susceptible to a drop in their overall well-being and can result in depression.

Creatine Will Spike Your Blood Pressure

There are many people who complain about shortness of breath, being lightheaded or an increase in body temperature when taking creatine.

These are all symptoms of high blood pressure.

The truth is: anything that causes the body to retain significant amounts of water, will cause your blood pressure to rise. It’s the same principle as salt, but supplement companies seem to do a great job in hiding this truth.

This can be pretty dangerous in individuals who already have elevated BP levels, or are prone to heart disease.

Some users have had their blood pressure checked before, during and after creatine supplementation and have come to the same conclusion that not only does creatine increase blood pressure, but it increases it SIGNIFICANTLY.

So be very wary when cycling creatine supplements – especially monohydrate in powder form as this has the greatest effect.

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Note: Anabolic steroids do work for building large amounts of muscle and burning fat. This article is only talking about natural bodybuilding supplements. However, steroids will also come with incredibly harsh side effects, and thus aren’t recommended.

Are there any other truths that supplement companies would hate for you to share? Feel free to drop a comment in the box below 🙂

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