Synthol Abuse In Bodybuilding

Synthol Abuse In Bodybuilding

Everything You Need To Know About Synthol

We all know that the sport of bodybuilding isn’t exactly the safest and healthiest of sports, and nobody would ever try to claim anything different either.

Nobody is trying to pull the wool over your eyes and make bodybuilding out to be incredibly healthy, or easy for that matter, because it’s not.

In bodybuilding, not only are you forced to really push your body to its limits in the gym – lifting heavy ass weights until every muscle and joint aches in your body, but you are also forced to really restrict your calories and your macros, particularly if you plan on competing professionally and competitively.

However, one of the worst kept secrets in bodybuilding, and one which is just very rarely acknowledged, even though it’s blatantly obvious when somebody is using them, is the usage of anabolic steroids.

Now, you may think that anabolic steroids are the most dangerous and harmful thing about bodybuilding, yet in actual fact, studies have revealed that many anabolic compounds are quite safe if used in moderation.

Another very taboo topic in the world of bodybuilding however, and one which is frowned upon and revered even more so than anabolic steroid usage/abuse, is synthol abuse/usage, and it is synthol which we’ll be taking a look at in this article.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you should easily be able to spot a synthol abuser a mile off, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of what synthol is, and hopefully, you’ll want to put as much distance between yourself and synthol as you possibly can.

So, without any further hesitation, let’s talk synthol.

What Is Synthol?

Chances are that, over the years, on your facebook page, or on various TV shows and magazine articles, you’ve seen images/footage of individuals with incredibly disproportionate physiques, in which they tend to have huge and enormous arms, along with a relatively regular, or at least a considerably smaller, body, both upper and lower, The thing you will immediately notice about these individuals, is that, despite the fact that they appear to have huge muscles at first glance, when you actually see them in person, you’ll notice that they have zero definition or vascularity, and what’s more, the “muscles” actually are not affected when the individual in question attempts to flex them, it’s as if they have implants under their skin.

These are the telltale signs of synthol use/abuse, but what exactly is synthol?

Put simply, synthol is an oil, and is often referred to as a site-enhancing oil.

Individuals who have no real knowledge of health and fitness, call synthol a steroid, when this is complete nonsense, as synthol can be purchased quite legally online, because, as mentioned, it is comprised mainly of oil, usually coconut oil in fact, as well as 7.5% alcohol, and 7.5% lidocaine, with the remaining 85% being the oil itself.

Why Is Synthol Used?

If you’re familiar with bodybuilding, there’s a good chance that some of your favourite competitive bodybuilders may have actually used synthol at some point, and you probably will have had no clue in the slightest.

You see, when we think of synthol, we think of those idiots you see popping up on viral ad and click bait campaigns, who look like regular people with enormous and deformed arms.

In reality, however, bodybuilders who are smart and know what they’re doing, use synthol to help bring up and fill out lagging body parts so that they look fuller, larger, and more symmetrical when they step on stage to compete.

Think of synthol as a filler, or perhaps a clay which would be used by a sculptor to help make their sculptures more symmetrical.

Say for example, a sculptor was making a sculpture of a person and the left arm was much smaller than the right arm.

To help even things out, they could simply add more clay to the left arm.

With bodybuilding, the same principle applies.

As bodybuilders are judged on size and symmetry, if they were to have a triceps muscle on their left arm that was much smaller than the triceps of their right arm, they would inject a little oil into the muscle, which would then make it swell and inflate as the oil filled up inside of it, thus making it larger.

If used correctly, the idea is that any smaller parts of the body are filled out, almost like using a real-life version of photoshop.

Why Synthol Is Becoming So Popular?

Chances are that, although you may know a fair few bodybuilders down at your local gym, most of them probably only train to look good in real life, and don’t compete competitively.

The odd one or two may have entered a contest just to test themselves and see how they got on, but they certainly wouldn’t have entered to try to become the next Mr Olympia.

Because there are so few competitive bodybuilders in the world, due to the fact that bodybuilding at that level is so incredibly difficult, not many people would need to make their physiques symmetrical and “aesthetic”.

So then, if this is the case, why has synthol become so popular? Well, in actual fact, a great deal of Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia, have see synthol usage become extremely popular, and the more people you see doing something, generally speaking, the more people are likely to try it for themselves, particularly if they’re young and naive.

The main reason why people inject their bodies with synthol is simply down to the fact that synthol works almost immediately, so it can make you look bigger and fuller, in a matter of seconds.

Synthol Abuse And Injections Effects

Sadly, when it comes to injecting synthol into the body, unless you’re very careful and know exactly what you’re doing, you are putting your body at risk of all kinds of dangers of various infections and complications.

Once the needle enters the muscle, the oil is then pumped inside the muscle, which obviously causes it to swell up and inflate, just like perhaps, a chicken breast would if you were to inject it with water.

In fact, cheaper chicken breast suppliers actually inject chicken breasts with water, salt, and dextrose, sugar in order to make the breasts plumper and tastier in the process.

The same thing happens with your muscles, except you don’t make them tastier, but you do make them bigger and firmer.

With large volumes, however, synthol can stay inside of the muscles for as long as five years.

Other side effects and dangers include:

Deformed Muscles:

First and foremost, one of the most obvious side effects associated with synthol abuse is deformed muscles. At first, with a little oil, the muscles will swell and will actually look pretty impressive.

However, as time goes by, the more the oil is used, the more deformed the muscles look.


Another risk of synthol is infection, particularly in the injection site, which could potentially be fatal.

Using dirty needles, or simply getting bacteria in the injection site could have devastating consequences.


Another risk when injecting oil into the muscles is total paralysis of the muscle fibres, which would mean that you would no longer be able to use that muscle any longer.

Heart Attack:

Finally, another very serious risk associated with synthol injections is heart attack.

If an individual were to inject a major artery as opposed to a vein, a heart attack could take place, which would potentially be fatal.


Like steroid usage, synthol use can be addictive which could lead to addiction.

You see impressive results when injecting and want to continue to make improvements.

Because of this, you are likely to inject again and again until you’re potentially addicted.

Synthol Freaks

Finally, before we wrap things up, we’ll look at a few characteristics and traits of self-proclaimed synthol freaks.

Although he vehemently denies ever using synthol, former competitive bodybuilder, Gregg Valentino, is considered by many to be the unofficial “king of synthol” as his physique displays all of the telltale signs of synthol abuse.

Gregg actually starred in a documentary entitled “The man whose arms exploded” as, due to complications via some form of injection, which Gregg claims to be steroids, an infection led to Gregg’s arms filling with pus, blood, and other fluids that looked suspiciously like synthol oil, which needed to be drained from his arms. And yes, it really was as disgusting to watch as it was to read.

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