Connor Murphy: Steroids or Natural?

connor murphy

Connor Murphy is a modern-day bodybuilding prankster/entertainer. For those who don’t know Connor, he’s the dude who makes a (phenomenal) living on YouTube by pulling girls and coming up with inventive ways to troll people. Connor appeals mostly to skinny college guys who want to attract 9/10 girls, by getting ripped to shreds. With over … Read moreConnor Murphy: Steroids or Natural?

Is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) On Steroids?

dwayne johnson steroids body

Now judgment time has come for Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock. You know, the guy who inspired you to howl, “CAN YOU SMELL…WHAT THE ROCK…IS….COOOOOKINGGGG!!!” every time you make your girl breakfast in bed. He’s also the reason why you yell “FOCUS!!!” to gym rats who happen to be texting instead of lifting. Some could say … Read moreIs Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) On Steroids?

Primobolan Cycle – How to Maximize Your Gains

arnold primobolan transformation

Do you want to build muscle whilst shredding body fat and increasing muscle definition? Although millions of men around the world are coveting this same goal, the reality is, getting ripped is pretty difficult. This is why some turn to steroids or pro-hormones in order to speed up the process. There are various different types … Read morePrimobolan Cycle – How to Maximize Your Gains

Deca Durabolin Cycle: Steroid Expert Reveals Tips for Bigger Gains

Bodybuilder lifting weights

Deca durabolin is one of the best steroids on the planet for building muscle, and a popular choice among newbies; due to it being less toxic than other compounds. Steroids and muscle growth go hand in hand. When bodybuilders go down the natural route, muscle gains can be slow, forcing you to remain patient in … Read moreDeca Durabolin Cycle: Steroid Expert Reveals Tips for Bigger Gains