Ryan Terry: Natural or Steroids?

ryan terry

Ryan Terry is an English fitness model and Men’s Physique competitor, who’s battled it out against big names such as Jeff Seid, Steve Cook, Jeremy Buendia and Sadik Hadzovic on the Olympia stage. Ryan placed 4th in 2015 and 2nd 2016, narrowly losing out to the dominant Buendia. Ryan has always been athletic, enjoying gymnastics and swimming from a young … Read moreRyan Terry: Natural or Steroids?

Is Sergi Constance Natural or on Steroids?

sergi constance

Sergi Constance is a 27 year old Spanish fitness model who’s appeared on the front cover of several fitness magazines including: Muscle & Fitness and Iron Man. Sergi’s also the founder of gym clothing brand Aesthetix Era and is sponsored by supplement company 1 Up Nutrition. Sergi Constance’s stats (1): Height: 6 ft 1 Weight: 207lbs (94kg) Body fat: 5% … Read moreIs Sergi Constance Natural or on Steroids?

Is Anton Antipov on Steroids or Is He Natural?

anton antipov

Anton Antipov is an IFBB pro who competes in Men’s Physique. He moved to America with his family in 1997 and since arriving to the land of opportunity he’s secured several modeling contracts with lucrative companies such as Boss Models and Wilhelmina. #FaceAesthetics At the end of his time with Boss Models, Anton started lifting weights. …and the rest … Read moreIs Anton Antipov on Steroids or Is He Natural?

Donte Franklin: Steroids or Natural?

donte franklin

Donte Franklin has recently been hailed as the greatest natural bodybuilder in the world by Generation Iron. Naturally this has caused a huge rise in speculation whether this statement by GI is accurate…or whether Donte is actually secretly juicing. Everyone has their own opinion, however one thing is for sure – Donte claims to be natural harder than … Read moreDonte Franklin: Steroids or Natural?

Is Chris Jones (From Physiques of Greatness) on Steroids?

chris jones

Chris Jones is the founder of Physiques of Greatness, a popular YouTube channel and Facebook page. Chris has built an army of fans with over 740k subscribers on YouTube and 408k fans on Facebook…as a result of getting SWOLE. Chris provides his own personal trainer services on his website, as well as running his own clothing … Read moreIs Chris Jones (From Physiques of Greatness) on Steroids?