Oral Anabolic Steroids for Sale

Oral Anabolic Steroids for Sale

Injecting a needle in your ass isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

There’s no arguing that oral anabolic steroids are easier to take and super convenient. Simply pop a few pills and you’re instantly on your way to getting huge, boom!

…certainly less hassle than having to inject yourself with a sharp needle on a daily basis.

The advantage of taking anabolic steroids in injectable form is so they can bypass the liver and immediately enter the blood stream. As a result injectable sterods are a lot less taxing on the liver.

Oral anabolic steroids don’t bypass the liver and so the liver will undergo more stress during a cycle. However, many people are not overly worried by this as the liver is a hugely resilient organ and it takes a lot of abuse over several decades for it to fail.

Also once your cycle finishes, liver enzymes start to regulate back to a normal/healthy range.

Some guys who are extra cautious will even take supplements such as milk thistle to help protect their liver during a cycle.

9 oral anabolic steroids for sale:


Dianabol is the king of bulking steroids and is very popular in pill form.

If you want some huge-ass muscle gains but you don’t want to go down the scary route of injecting yourself,  oral dianabol will be your new best friend.

This is the steroid Arnold Schwarzenegger and co used 40 years ago, helping sculpt some of the best physiques the world of bodybuilding has ever seen.

Oral dianabol won’t guarantee you 22″ arms like the Austrian Oak, but it will help you make some insane gains.

grey lineDeca Durabolin


Deca is another awesome bulking steroid that will help you build a tonne of muscle. Guys who take deca can seem bigger compared to if they take other bulking steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol.

This isn’t because they build more muscle on deca, but because of its ability to add an extra dimension of thickness/fullness to your muscles.

Deca is the steroid that’ll make your biceps look huge and thick from in a t-shirt when you’re in a relaxed position. Arnold and others combined deca with dianabol to help them gain even more size.

…This explains Arnold’s huge, thick pecs and biceps.



Anadrol is a similar steroid to dianabol in the sense that people take it when they want to see huge muscle/strength gains.

Like dianabol, anadrol will cause water retention, however this effect is more noticeable with anadrol.

Anadrol users can often look bloated, especially in the offseason when more calories are consumed.

However, this is a price many are willing to pay in order to bust through hypertrophy plateaus and look as huge as humanly possible.



If you don’t experience negative side effects on trenbolone – you’ll simply fall in love with it.

You’ll develop cannonball shoulders, huge traps and you’ll become more shredded, due to tren’s fat burning/diuretic effects.

If you use tren during a bulk, you’ll get jacked. If you use it during a cut, you’ll get ripped to shreds.

It’s definitely worth experimenting with oral trenbolone and seeing how your body tolerates it, especially as it’ll be less potent than injecting it. It’s mostly trenbolone injections, when users complain about negative side effects.



Testosterone sustanon is also available in pill form and is usually used to help pack on large amounts of muscle when bulking, whilst limiting fat gain.

Testosterone, like tren, is also versatile and can be used during a cut to keep you anabolic and preserve your hard-earned muscle mass.

Testosterone is used in most cycles as it combines well with many different steroids and isn’t harsh on the system. A test-only cycle is usually a beginners first cycle.


oral anavar for saleAnavar

Anavar is an awesome cutting steroid and arguably the most popular.

Not only will you burn fat, but because it’s a DHT-derived compound you’re also likely to gain a small amount of muscle (even whilst dieting).

Users also experience significant strength gains.

On anavar your muscles will look very full and dry. If you want to look ripped – Anavar is one of the best steroids you can take.

Prepare to get shredded and gain a tonne of strength with this anabolic.



Winstrol is very similar to Anavar, except it’s more anabolic. So you’ll probably gain a little more muscle on winny compared to using anavar.

The only downside to winny is your muscles won’t look as pumped/full, despite being ripped.

They’ll often appear flat or depleted which won’t happen when you run anavar. Nonetheless, winstrol is a popular cutting steroid and definitely will help you become more shredded.

Zac Efron was thought to be taking winny before shooting Baywatch with Dwayne Johnson.



Clenbuterol is purely a fat burning steroid, that will help you melt fat like no other compound. However, with clen you won’t experience the anabolic effects of winstrol or anavar.

However, you’re likely to experience a spike in energy levels (even in a calorie deficit), due to increased adrenaline levels.

This increase in energy can result in an increase in strength and being able to complete more reps per set. Therefore, clen actually may be able to help you add some muscle indirectly.

grey-lineHuman Growth Hormone

oral hgh for sale

HGH is a recent compound that has only been used in the last 30 years or so. HGH will help you add more muscle and burn more fat. However, the fat burning effect of HGH is stronger than its muscle-building effects.

I do not recommend coupling HGH with insulin, because this will cause the notorious ‘steroid gut’ . Using HGH without insulin will prevent you from developing this pregnant belly look.

One benefit of using HGH that is often overlooked is its effect on your skin. Steroids often accelerate ageing and wrinkling, however HGH has the opposite effect. Instead it increases collagen synthesis making your skin look younger.

After all, who wants to have an amazing body if you’ve got horrible skin.

So there you have it! You now know the 9 main oral anabolic steroids for sale and what you can expect from taking them. 


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