Legal Steroids: Steroid Expert Finds 8 That WORK

Legal Steroids: Steroid Expert Finds 8 That WORK

Lots of people are wanting to know about legal steroids, so I’ve written this guide to help people understand everything there is to know about these supplements.

In this article I’m going to:

  • Give an insight as to whether legal steroids really work
  • Reveal a trustworthy website to buy legal steroids from
  • Reveal the 8 best legal steroids

What Are Legal Steroids?

Legal Steroids are NOT Anabolic Steroids

‘Legal steroids’ are not anabolic steroids. Legal steroids are made up of some of natural ingredients, thus they’re legal and safe to use.

So, a better way to describe ‘legal steroids’ is to call them steroid alternatives.

Legal steroids (or steroid alternatives) will naturally mimic the same muscle-building processes as steroids in the body, but without breaking the law. However, generally legal steroids will NOT work as well as anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are actually illegal to purchase, unless you live in Thailand or Mexico. The only way to obtain anabolic steroids legally is to get a prescription from your doctor, which is only possible if you have a muscle-wasting disease.

Legal Steroids May Come With Side Effects

Firstly, legal steroids are safe (unlike anabolic steroids). If they weren’t safe they wouldn’t be approved for human consumption by the FDA. However, even natural supplements come with side effects, so to say they cause no side effects whatsoever can be deceptive.

If you’re sensitive to legal steroids, you may experience any of the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Increased sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Small increase in blood pressure

Okay, so these aren’t severe side effects, but they’ll still affect some users. When it comes to supplements, if something’s going to give you awesome gains, expect to experience some adverse effects.

Do They Really Work?

Most people do the following when trying to find out if a supplement works:

  • Read reviews on Google
  • Read comments on forums
  • Look on social media

Online reviews

The problem with reading reviews online is that they’re often biased. For example, some merchants may pay bloggers to write a positive review about a supplement. This unfortunately results in dishonest reviews of products that actually don’t work or are a waste of money.

This is because some bloggers are willing to trade their honesty in return for a higher paycheck. I don’t agree with this mentality of lying to someone in order to make money, which is why I’m brutally honest whenever it comes to writing reviews.

Comments on Forums

The problem with reading comments on forums is that anyone can join a forum. So it’s not impossible for a competitor enter the conversation slagging off a rival supplement (which actually happens to be awesome). Or it can work the other way and an employee of a company could make a post, bigging up their own supplements.

One of the best ways to find unbiased and HONEST opinions from real customers is on social media. So if I was interested in ordering Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids for example, I’d type in something like #Crazybulk #Dbal or #Anvarol into Instagram/Twitter and see what comes up.

I actually did this (yes I stalked people on social media) in an attempt to see what Crazy Bulk’s customers were really saying about their legal steroids. Here’s what I found…

8 Legal Steroid Reviews



crazybulk instagram review



instagram review


legal steroids review


dbal review


These positive reviews pulled from social media are proof that Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids do work for some people. However, you can’t guarantee that everyone’s going to respond the same and have amazing gains, because everyone’s different. This is why some of the best supplements in the world still receive a negative review every now and again.

8 Best Legal Steroids on the Market

Crazy Bulk are the leading manufacturer of legal steroids online. Their formulas are currently selling like hot cakes, as gym rats are keen to experience awesome gains without breaking the law.

Here’s a few reasons why bodybuilders are buying legal steroids from Crazy Bulk…

  • FDA approved
  • Buy 2 get 1 free on all items
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Fast shipping
  • FREE shipping
  • Discreet packaging
  • Minimal side effects

Here are 8 legal steroids for sale, which are are suitable for bodybuilders who are looking to build muscle, burn fat or increase their strength.


  • D-Bal
  • Anadrole
  • Decaduro
  • Trenorol
  • Testo-max

Bulking steroids are ideal for those looking to build muscle and pack on mass.


  • Anvarol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Winsol
  • Testo-Max
  • Trenorol

Cutting steroids are ideal for those looking to burn fat, whilst keeping hold of their muscle.

As you can see, a couple of steroids fall into both of these categories, being Testo-max and Trenorol. This is because both of these compounds are designed to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

Now I’m going to talk about each of Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids and the anabolic steroids they’re designed to replicate.

D-Bal (Dianabol)

dbal legal steroid

D-Bal is named after Dianabol, one of the most famous and powerful anabolic steroids of all time.

Dianabol’s official name is Methandrostenolone, and was first invented to help USA defeat the Soviet Union in the Olympics. In the 1950’s the Soviet Union were extremely dominant as a number of their athletes were using synthetic testosterone to increase muscle size, strength and endurance. The USA Olympic team doctor became aware of the Soviet Union testosterone-use and so his objective was to create a superior compound.

In 1958 Dr Ziegler did just that when he invented dianabol. D-Bol essentially was a faster-acting, more powerful version of testosterone. Consequently, the American athletes out-performed their Soviet Union rivals.

Unsurprisingly, dianabol also became a popular steroid in bodybuilding – which is still the case today. This is because of D-Bol’s incredible ability to build huge amounts of muscle mass in a relatively short time period. It’s pretty common to gain 20-30lbs when taking dianabol for the first time.

In 1983, the FDA made dianabol illegal due to a lack of medicinal benefits. However, due to high demand, it’s still possible to obtain today via the black market.


Dianabol is able to build large amounts of muscle by increasing several processes/hormones in the body, including:

  • Protein sythesis
  • Testosterone
  • Nitrogen retention
  • Glycogenolysis

Protein is what helps your repair your muscle tissue after a workout, so it can grow back bigger and stronger. By having higher levels of protein synthesis, your muscles will recover quicker and you’ll build more muscle.

Testosterone is by far the most important hormone in the body (for a bodybuilder). Higher test = more muscle mass. Dianabol will send your testosterone levels through the roof, giving you rapid muscle and strength gains…as well as making you feel like a dominant alpha male.

Nitrogen retention is another important element when it comes to building muscle. A positive nitrogen balance is crucial for building muscle; and the more positive it is, the more size you’ll gain. Dianabol has the ability to shift someone from a negative nitrogen balance into an extremely positive one overnight.

Dianabol will also have a positive effect on Glycogenolysis, which will enable your muscles to store more glycogen. This will result in fuller and stronger muscles which can indirectly help you build more muscle from lifting more weight in the gym.

arnold veins
Arnold was thought to be taking dianabol in the 70’s.

Side Effects

Dianabol will increase blood pressure levels significantly. In fact, any compound which sends your testosterone levels surging will cause a spike in BP. This is because testosterone causes your LDL cholesterol levels to rise, which in turn lowers your HDL levels. The problem with this is that LDL is the BAD kind of cholesterol and clogs up your arteries, reducing blood flow to the heart.

Dianabol can also cause testicle shrinkage, due to it shutting down testosterone levels after a cycle. Most bulking steroids can cause this because the body realizes that it’s producing far too much testosterone and thus tells the testicles to stop making it.

Gyno and acne are other potential side effects of dianabol, however these aren’t common per se. These can happen to unlucky individuals who are genetically predisposed to these 2 side effects, caused by hormone imbalances.

Oral dianabol will also be taxing on the liver, so if you’re a heavy drinker you shouldn’t take it in tablet form. Injectable dbol doesn’t cause as much stress to the liver, because it enters through the blood stream and thus bypasses this vital organ.

Note: D-Bal from Crazy Bulk won’t cause the above side effects.

Anadrole (anadrol)

anadrole legal steroid

Anadrole is the legal steroid that’s designed to mimic Anadrol.

It’s official name is Oxymetholone and was first created in the 1960’s, under the trade name Anadrol 50. It was created to help people fight against anemia, osteoporosis and certain muscle-wasting conditions. Today anadrol is still used to treat patients with low red blood cell counts and those who have contracted HIV/AIDS.

Anadrol is one of the strongest steroids there is for building muscle fast. It’s anabolic rating is 3x higher than testosterone…and testosterone is a pretty powerful bulking compound.


It’s normal for someone using anadrol for the first time to gain 30lbs in a month. Not all of this weight gain will be lean muscle tissue, as anadrol does aromatize, meaning you’ll store some water. Strength gains will also be immense on A-drol, with your lifts likely to increase dramatically in the first week of your cycle. When it comes to packing on mass and developing sheer strength, anadrol is as good as there is.

An anadrol-only cycle can result in some epic gains, however post-cycle they’re more likely to be lost compared to if you ran it with base steroids such as testosterone or trenbolone.

Anadrol will create that huge off-season look, when a bodybuilder looks JACKED but also smooth. Bodybuilders on anadrol can look bloated, but only if a person’s consuming a truck loads of calories. Anadrol will give you a similar body composition to what Jay Cutler looked like in the off-season.

jay cutler steroids

Side Effects

With anadrol being one of the greatest steroids for packing on size and mass, it equally comes with some hefty side effects. Everyone is different in how they react to certain steroids, but many agree that anadrol is one of the harshest anabolics around. Get ready for your blood pressure to spike considerably and your liver to be extremely thankful when your cycle finishes. If you like your alcohol, it’d be wise to stay away from anadrol as otherwise your liver will take a batterring.

Gyno is also a possibility with anadrol’s strong estrogenic nature, however this isn’t a common side effect as a large number of people won’t experience any breast tissue problems.

Anadrole, the legal steroid from Crazy Bulk, won’t cause any major side effects.

DecaDuro (Deca durabolin)


DecaDuro is the legal steroid alternative for Deca Durabolin.

Deca Durabolin, otherwise referred to as nandrolone, was first created in 1962. Since then it’s become a very effective bulking steroid for bodybuilders, enabling them to build huge amounts of size and mass in the off-season.

Deca also has strong medicinal properties with it successfully treating osteoporosis patients, as it increases bone mineral density and collagen production.

Deca durabolin is typically a slow-acting steroid, which means it stays in your system longer than other steroids and requires less frequent injections. Consequently you may have to wait a little longer to experience gains, but once deca does kick in you’ll pack on mass like no tomorrow.


Deca’s one of the best steroids for bulking and gaining muscle, but it’s probably number 1 when it comes to looking extremely full and thick in the off-season.

Deca has a slightly superior anabolic rating to testosterone, but it’s a much less androgenic steroid in comparison. This makes Deca a more mild and safer compound to testosterone. It also aromatizes at a low rate, meaning estrogen levels won’t go soaring, making gyno less of a risk. Some water retention is normal on deca, however this will only be a small amount in comparison to the likes of dianabol and anadrol.

No anabolic steroid is healthy to take, but deca durabolin is one of the healthiest of them all. Deca not only increases your red blood cell count (increasing blood flow), but it also provides effective joint relief. Many bodybuilders complain of sore/painful joints when running steroids like winstrol, but deca has the opposite effect.

So if you’re obsessed with lifting heavy but your joints aren’t in the best of health; deca may be able to protect you from damaging them even further.

The way Arnold looked in 1974 when he was at his thickest is the kind of effect deca durabolin can have on your muscles.

arnold deca
Arnold was also thought to have taken deca

Side Effects

As with most powerful anabolics, your blood pressure will rise on deca. Gyno is a possibility too, however unlikely as it only increases estrogen to a small degree.

DHT levels will also rise, meaning the chances of you experiencing acne or/and male pattern baldness increase. Testosterone levels will shut down post-cycle, which will take several weeks/months to recover back to normal ranges again. One plus is that deca isn’t taxing on the liver, so no need to take liver support supplements when taking nandrolone.

DecaDuro, the legal steroid from Crazy Bulk, won’t cause any harsh side effects.

Trenorol (Trenbolone)

legal trenbolone

Trenorol is the legal steroid version of trenbolone acetate, which is nicknamed ‘the king of kings’.

Tren acetate was first invented to increase muscle mass in livestock before they’d go to slaughter. Trenbolone was given to them in pellet form, known as Finaplix; which proved to be extremely effective at increasing LBM (lean body mass). Unsurprisingly, bodybuilders also started using Finaplix to build muscle until it got discontinued.


In the off-season trenbolone gives bodybuilders incredible lean muscle gains, with zero water retention. Bodybuilders can also experience enhanced fat burning when implementing trenbolone into their cutting cycles, with it blocking cortisol and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Tren will also help you keep hold of your hard-earned muscle when cutting, due to it’s muscle-building qualities.

When bulking, expect to gain 30lbs of lean muscle from a 6 week cycle of trenbolone. You can also get away with eating more calories when bulking on tren, as it’s a powerful fat burner. Not many steroids are capable of adding muscle and burning fat at the same time, but trenbolone is one of them. Trenbolone is also one of the best steroids for increasing strength, with powerlifters often using it.

On trenbolone you’ll look more ripped than usual because it helps you flush out subcutaneous water, which collects outside your muscle cells and hides muscle definition. Getting rid of this excess fluid can also help you appear more vascular…which lets face it, is every bodybuilder’s dream.

Tren also typically causes your traps and shoulders to blow up in size, because it’s a very androgenic steroid. Traps/shoulders have high levels of androgen receptors which is why they’ll grow bigger than other muscle groups. Some people rate trenbolone as the best steroid of all time because it has so many different qualities; however there are a few strings attached…

Side Effects

Some people describe trenbolone as the devil when it comes to side effects, whereas others are left unscathed by tren and would happily cycle it on a regular basis.

Tren’s side effects are often both physical and mental. You’ll experience all the usual side effects of steroids whilst taking tren, but to a larger degree. So your blood pressure will rise, your liver values will shoot up and you’re more at risk of developing acne and hair loss because it’s a particularly androgenic steroid.

Trenbolone is also a pretty hefty stimulant, which can increase your overall temperature and increase sweating. This can even occur at nighttime during your sleep, known as ‘tren sweats’.

Tren can also cause an uncontrollable-like cough which can come at random times, known as ‘tren cough’. This typically happens after trenbolone is injected into the blood stream, which then enters your lungs – causing this strong coughing.

However, trenbolone’s mental side effects are equally as bad with users reporting high levels of anxiety and depression deep into their cycle. Many feel like Superman early on, but are later left feeling like a paranoid wreck post-cycle. So if you’re naturally a bit mentally unstable or you’ve been diagnosed with bipolar, it’s probably best to stay away from tren.

Trenorol won’t cause such adverse effects, physically or mentally.

Testo-Max (Testosterone Sustanon)

legal testosterone

Testo-Max is the legal steroid alternative for testosterone sustanon.

Doctors often prescribe artificial testosterone to treat men with low testosterone levels. Low T isn’t overly dangerous but it can cause a low-quality of life due to the following:

  • Loss of libido
  • Less muscle mass
  • Increased fatigue
  • Increased tiredness
  • Infertility
  • Lack of confidence
  • Erectile dysfunction

And high testosterone levels cause the opposite to occur being:

  • High libido
  • High confidence,
  • Increased mental clarity
  • High energy levels
  • More muscle
  • Less body fat

These are also traits of an alpha male with high T, which many men would love to have.

Testosterone sustanon is a base steroid that bodybuilders use when bulking, as it’s very adept at building lean muscle. However, like trenbolone, testosterone is a mild fat burner; so it can also be put to good use when cutting.

Oral testosterone is considered a mild steroid which is why bodybuilding experts say it’s more suitable for a beginner to take during their first cycle. In terms of muscle gains, a newbie doing a test-only cycle for the first time will gain roughly 20lbs of muscle in 4 weeks.

However, if you want to maximize the size you gain on test, it’s best to combine it with other steroids.

2 particularly powerful combos are:

  • Test and trenbolone
  • Test and dianabol


Taking synthetic forms of test, such as sustanon, will send your testosterone levels rocketing (as you might have guessed). Testosterone is crucial for building muscle and the more you have, the more muscle you’ll build.

Testosterone does aromatize, so some water retention is inevitable, however it’ll only be a small amount if you stick to a moderate dose. Muscle hardness will actually increase on testosterone so you don’t have to worry about looking puffy or bloated…unless you’re combining it with high doses of anadrol or a diet high in sodium.

Side Effects

Elevated testosterone levels will cause an increase in LDL cholesterol levels, causing blood pressure to rise. Also when your body starts producing high levels of test, some of it will convert to estrogen which can cause gyno in sensitive users.

You’re also likely to experience testicular atrophy towards the end of your cycle, as your natural test production will start to decline, making your testicles smaller. How small your testicles will shrink will depend on your dose and the length of your cycle.

If you’re running super high doses for longer than 12 weeks, your test will become extremely suppressed compared to if you ran an 8 week cycle on a moderate dose. When you first start taking testosterone you’ll feel like a dominant, alpha male version of yourself. But post-cycle you can feel a bit down with less of a buzz. This is because your testosterone count doesn’t just effect how much muscle you have, but also your mental well-being.

Testo-Max however won’t shut down your natty testosterone production post-cycle.

Anvarol (anavar)

legal anavar

Anvarol is the legal steroid named after anavar or oxandrolone.

Anavar is one of the most sought-after steroids, because it’s:

  • Easy to take (oral)
  • It’s a mild steroid – less side effects
  • It’s suitable for men and women
  • It’s a powerful fat burner

Due to it’s strong fat burning properties, Anavar’s a very popular steroid for men looking to lose weight and retain muscle. Anavar’s also a potent compound for boosting strength, so even if you’re on low calories, your strength is likely to go up when cutting.

Anavar is pretty expensive in comparison to other steroids, becauseof it being in such high demand. Anavar’s highly coveted because those who are skeptic about taking steroids become interested in anavar, because of its mild nature.


Anavar is an anti-glucocorticoid steroid, meaning it inhibits catabolic hormones in the body. Such hormones can decrease muscle tissue and store more body fat, thus reducing them is very beneficial.

The main catabolic hormone that anavar effects is cortisol, thus by reducing this stress hormone, users can experience fat loss and some muscle gains. Men typically don’t build much muscle on anavar, however women respond a lot better in this respect and are likely to gain more size on a cycle.

Muscle recovery is also likely to improve on anavar, thanks to increased levels of protein synthesis, testosterone and nitrogen retention. This is key when cutting as muscle recovery often slows down, as bodybuilders are eating less calories and protein.

Anavar is also a strong diuretic, meaning water that currently surrounds your muscles (hiding muscle definition), will be flushed out of your body. As a result you will look more toned and ripped. Not only does anavar flush out water, but it also sends it to the right places. For example, anavar causes fluid to collect INSIDE of your muscles, making them appear bigger and fuller than usual.

When cutting, bodybuilders often become glycogen depleted due to a lack of calories/carbs; so the fact that anavar can help you remain looking big during this phase is a big plus. This extra fullness and less extracellular water retention means you’ll be able to achieve awesome muscle striations, as well as becoming more vascular (if you’re already pretty lean).

A typical anavar user will look ripped, dry and FULL.

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Side Effects

Although anavar is a very mild steroid, it’s still illegal, so a user may have some adverse effects. Generally anavar poses the same complications as other steroids, but to a much lesser degree.

For example, it’s somewhat toxic to the liver and can increase bad cholesterol levels; but nowhere near to the extent of what testosterone or dianabol will. One side effect that you don’t have to worry about on anavar is gyno (or man boobs).

Anavar doesn’t increase estrogen or prolactin levels, which are 2 hormones capable of causing gyno. Thus anavar is a suitable steroid for those who have a history of dveeloping female breast tissue. Because estrogen doesn’t rise, water retention also isn’t a problem on anavar. When you retain large volumes of water, your blood pressure will spike, so this is another benefit to taking anavar over harsher compounds.

Anavar also doesn’t cause any virilization symptoms in women, so they can take it without compromising their female beauty. Females won’t develop any masculine features including: deepening of the voice, an enlarged clitoris or more body hair. This is why many women are comfortable taking oxandrolone.

Anvarol from Crazy Bulk won’t give you any of these side effects. 

Clenbutrol (clenbuterol)

legal clenbuterol

Clenbutrol is designed to mimic the illegal stimulant – clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol isn’t part of the anabolic steroid family, because it’s classed as a ‘bronchodilator’. However, clenbuterol is used by many bodybuilders in conjunction with other cutting steroids to accelerate fat burning and weight loss. Clen was first created to help treat patients with asthma, as it opens up a person’s airways allowing them to breathe more easily.


However, doctors soon realised that clenbuterol also had thermogenic properties, which meant a person’s metabolism would become a lot faster. A thermogenic is a something that raises your body temperature, which speeds up your metabolism, as your body’s contentiously working hard to cool your body back down to normal. As a result you’ll burn more fat stores, due to this extra calorie burn.

Clenbuterol isn’t a compound that will guarantee fat loss, as there are several other major components to losing weight. For example, if you’re stuffing your face with Dunkin Donuts and Twinkies all day long and you’re expecting to lose weight on clen – forget about it. But if you’re eating in a calorie deficit and you’re regularly lifting weights/doing cardio in the gym, it’ll certainly speed up fat loss.

As clenbuterol is a powerful central nervous stimulant, a user’s muscles will also take longer to fatigue. This can be beneficial to athletes who participate in endurance sports or a bodybuilder who will be able to complete more reps/sets than usual. Taking clenbuterol is also like taking a pre workout because of it’s stimulative nature. This extra adrenaline can indirectly help increase strength when in the gym pumping iron.

A bodybuilder will typically use clenbuterol approximately 8 weeks out from a show to help them burn fat and increase definition. Hollywood actors are also rumoured to have used stimulants like clenbuterol in the past to help them look more ripped in topless scenes.

flushed skin from clenbuterol

Side Effects

Because clenbuterol doesn’t effect testosterone levels, most of the symptoms associated with anabolic steroids won’t occur on clen. So you won’t have to worry about gyno, male pattern baldness or your LDL cholesterol levels shooting through the roof.

However, because clenbuterol causes a hefty spike in adrenaline this’ll increase blood pressure significantly. Thus anyone with any cardiac problems is advised to stay well away from clenbuterol. Any compound like clen that consistently raises your body temperature will cause your BP to increase. Users may also experience increased sweating, insomnia, anxiety or depression. The last 3 side effects are down to clenbuterol causing your mind to become overactive, which will have more of an impact on individuals sensitive to stimulants. So if you’re prone to such negative feelings or emotions, keep clear of clen.

Clenbutrol and other legal steroids won’t cause the above side effects.

Winsol (Winstrol)

legal winstrol

Winsol is the legal steroid, or steroid alternative for winstrol.

Winstrol was first created by Winthrop Laboratories in the 1950’s, which was also referred to as stanozolol. Many Olympic athletes have been caught using winstrol due to its vast benefits for performance. One of the most famous cases was when Ben Johnson, a Canadian 100m sprinter, was caught with it in his system after winning a Gold medal in 1988.

Doctors also prescribe winstrol to patients who are suffering from muscle-wasting diseases or have osteoporosis, where winny has proved to be incredibly beneficial.


In bodybuilding winstrol is mainly used during cutting cycles, where the goal is to burn fat and retain muscle. However, winstrol is more anabolic than most cutting agents so you might actually build some muscle when dieting. Although this is only likely to be a small amount, being 10lbs or so.

Winstrol is able to build muscle by increasing free testosterone levels. This is the most important test score when it comes to gaining mass, as free testosterone is what’s utilized for synthesizing new muscle tissue. Winstrol is an anti-glucocorticoid, thus it burns fat by lowering cortisol levels…the hormone responsible for storing fat in stubborn areas.

Winstrol is also a diuretic meaning you’ll lose a good amount of water, making you look more ripped. The only downside to this is that on winny, you can lose water from inside your muscle cells making them appear flat. However you won’t look necessarily smaller, because of the muscle you’ll build from using the steroid.

A typical winstrol look is what Zac Efron had whilst shooting the film Baywatch…ripped to shreds!

zac efron muscles

Side Effects

Winstrol is generally considered a more mild steroid, however it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. As it’s a DHT-derived steroid, androgenic symptoms are possible such as acne and hair loss. Winstrol will also cause virilization symptoms to occur in women, so if you want to stay looking like a woman – stay away from winny.

Winstrol will also drastically reduce HDL cholesterol levels and increase LDL levels which will bump up your blood pressure. Testosterone levels won’t shut down completely from taking winny, but some bodybuilder like to combine it with testosterone because your natty production of test will be low after your cycle. To prevent yourself from experiencing low T, it’d be ideal to run testosterone as your coming off winstrol to keep this muscle-building hormone high. This will also help cement your gains, helping you hang on to the muscle you’ve gained on winny.

Winstrol is toxic to the liver like most steroids. To get an idea of how toxic winny is, it’s less so than dianabol but more so than anavar; so it’s effect is moderate. Oral and injectable forms winstrol will both strain the liver.

Some people who’ve taken winstrol will have noticed that it’s not a great steroid to take if you have sore/painful joints. Winny will only aggravate this and make them worse. If your are susceptible to joint problems, deca would be a better option, as deca will help lubricate the joints instead of reducing the synovial fluid surrounding them.

Winsol, the legal steroid, won’t cause these adverse effects.

Legal Steroid FAQs

How fast can I expect to see results?

If your body responds well, you should see gains in the first couple of weeks. However, this all depends with what brand you use. Crazy Bulk have had some very positive customer reviews and are the leading legal steroid retailer, so using their formulas would be a safe bet.

How fast you’ll see gains will also depend on what products you order. The top 3 best-selling legal steroids from Crazy Bulk are:

  1. D-Bal
  2. Clenbutrol
  3. Trenorol

Stacking legal steroids together will also give you faster/bigger gains than taking one compound by itself.

What if I don’t see any results?

There’s quite a few people who’ve experienced awesome results from taking Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids, however there’s no guarantee you’ll also have great gains. There’s always a small risk when buying any bodybuilding supplement, so my advice is to only spend what you can afford and to view it as an investment in your physique.

If you don’t try new and different supplements as a bodybuilder you could be missing out on some awesome gains.

Although it’s important to be careful with your money, the time you do spend testing out new supplements, the more likely you are to discovering your new favourite supplement.

How fast is the shipping?

Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids will arrive within 3-7 days if you’re based in the US or UK. For other European countries it’ll take from 3-10 working days and for the rest of the world 5-15 working days.

This is pretty rapid shipping and the post and packaging is free, no matter where you live.

Which ones should I take to build muscle?

If you just want to build muscle, you’ll make the most muscle gains from using Crazy Bulk’s bulking stack. This is made up of:

  • D-Bal
  • Testo-Max
  • Decaduro
  • Trenorol

All 4 of these legal steroids in your system at the same time will give you better muscle gains. If you’ve got the budget you could also throw in Anadrole and HGH x2 which can also be used for bulking.

Will they show up in a drugs test?

I can’t speak for all brands as I don’t know what’s actually in their ‘legal steroids’, but if you buy legal steroids from Crazy Bulk nothing will ever get flagged up in a drug screening. This is because Crazy Bulk only use natural ingredients and thus refrain from using any banned or illegal substances.

Legal Steroids vs Prohormones: What’s the Difference?

Legal steroids contain powerful natural ingredients, whereas pro hormones pose a lot more side effects. As a result, pro hormones have been considered unsafe and were made illegal in 2014.


  • Are legal steroids a scam? No.
  • Will they work as well as anabolic steroids? No.
  • Can they still give you great gains? Yes.

Which company sells the best legal steroids?

That title has to go to Crazy Bulk. Here’s 5 things that impressed me, and why you can trust placing your order with them:

✅ Very positive reviews

✅ Company address disclosed

✅ Contact information disclosed

✅ Strong social media presence

✅ Awesome deals

If you’ve tried legal steroids before, let us know of your results in the comment box below!







Llewellyn, William (2011), Anabolics. Jupiter, FL: Molecular Nutrition. pp. 525-533, 705-714, 478-488.

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