Klicks Review: #1 HGH Alternative Supplement?

Klicks Review: #1 HGH Alternative Supplement?


Marine Muscle’s Klicks is a safe and natural alternative to HGH products and has been developed for the most dedicated bodybuilders.

Klicks is designed to mimic real HGH products and provide a natural and safe HGH alternative for people who want to achieve more height, better bone growth and bone density and strength in a short period.

The extensive natural blend of ingredients makes this a unique supplement and one that is made for people who know exactly what they want to achieve – healthier joints, stronger bones and a real increase in height.


Costs $89.99 for one bottle (one month’s supply). This also includes free shipping on all US orders. You can buy it from the MarineMuscle website.

Make sure you NEVER buy Klicks from eBay or Amazon. The only place to buy it is from the MarineMuscle’s official website.

Claims & Benefits

Marine Muscle Klicks claims to be able to give serious athletes some unique yet highly advantageous benefits. It can help you to:

  • Increase your height, bone density and bone strength safely
  • Improve joint flexibility and improve the strength in your joints and cartilage
  • Put your entire body into a state of growth

The product promises that it will result in “visual growth and super strength behind-the-scenes of your body” by providing the nutrients that work from within the body to stimulate the body’s structural development.

Marine Muscle states that Klicks is designed for “devoted bodybuilders pushing their growth in all directions.”

The supplement does this by taking advantage of ingredients that act as growth factors, in a similar way that traditional HGH injections do; but without the health and legal risks associated with HGH.

Klicks is heavily focused on improving the structural development of the body, providing you with a body that can better support muscle growth, as well as giving you noticeable improvements in strength and height.


klicks ingredients

Marine Muscle Klicks uses a highly unique blend of ingredients, and every single one has a role to play in the goal of this supplement to increase bone and joint strength and density, and to encourage height gains.

Klicks is an entirely natural HGH alternative focused on delivering growth and strength gains. The supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients that have been carefully chosen based on what they can contribute to the overall goals of the product.

  • Vitamin B6 50mg
  • Chromium (GTF) Chelate 150mg

BCAA Complex: L-Leucine 500mg, L-Isoleucine 150mg, L-Valine 150mg, L-Arginine 500mg, L-Glutamine 500mg, L-Lysine 250mg, GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) 250mg, L-Ornithine 100mg, Tribulus Terrestris concentrated extract 4:1 100mg, Colostrum 100mg, Inositol, Pituitary Concentrate 75mg, Phosphatidyl Choline 50mg, L-Glycine 50mg

Vitamin B6 – Important for the breaking down of carbohydrates into energy, this vitamin also contributes to blood cell production and is also thought to help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Chromium – Chromium, an essential mineral, plays a role in regulating insulin levels which contributes to the process of metabolizing fat, carbohydrates, and proteins.

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine & L-Valine – These three essential BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) are vital for metabolism and the process of protein synthesis as well as a significant number of other critical processes.

Of particular interest are the BCAA’s ability to contribute to increasing testosterone and balancing hormones, bringing about enhanced endurance, strength, and power.

L-Arginine – An essential amino acid that is useful when taken before working out as it provides an increase in energy and strength, meaning you can push yourself to the limit.

L-Glutamine – This amino acid is found all throughout the body, and it plays a role in the process of protein synthesis and is particularly useful when it’s used by people who undertaken intensive exercise – like bodybuilders.

L-Lysine – An essential amino acid that provides the vital protein building blocks and plays a central role in the formula thanks to its ability to help with calcium absorption – something that is needed for this supplement’s goal of delivering stronger bones.

GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) – Another amino acid, GABA helps stimulate the production of HGH so therefore plays a crucial role in what the supplement is designed to achieve a natural HGH alternative.

Tribulus Terrestris – A natural extract that has shown to help boost testosterone levels.

L-Glycine – Another amino acid that helps with the absorption of calcium, and so contributes to the bone strengthening process.

How To Take Klicks?

The directed dosage is to take three tablets daily with a meal. When used with a proper workout program and proper diet, the supplement can start delivering noticeable results in as little as two weeks or less.

As an all natural alternative to HGH injections, the product can provide you with the same powerful results but without the risks of side effects; making it ideal for people who care both about their health as well as their physique.

Does Klicks Work?

klicks results

Marine Muscle Klicks is a supplement that stands out in the world of bodybuilding products.

Its focus is on an important body process that many people don’t often think about – gaining height and bone strength. This helps provide the sturdy frame you need to support significant muscular growth.

By selecting ingredients that contribute heavily to the process of calcium absorption – something that is important when it comes to increasing bone strength and density – it’s clear that much research has been put into formulating this supplement.

Here is a small selection of the user reviews and the results we found online:

Terry Ward – good for height and bone density:

Although my main purpose of buying these was for increasing height, I found them very good for increasing bone density as well. I like that I am building better bones each day and have also gained close to half an inch, which is excellent for me as I am very short.

Cynthia Sanders – right for aging women:

Our bones, especially in the women, get very fragile as we age, so we always can do with something that can help us maintain healthy bones. Although I had been having calcium supplements and vitamin D supplements for a long time, still ran into bone -related problems. This one came recommended from my doctor as well as my fitness expert and it is already delivering results.

Judy Cruz – gained little more than 1 inch:

These are excellent for bone density improvement, and not just for growing taller or gaining height. I am both short as well as have very fragile bones. Was hoping to put on a few inches if possible. I can say that although I haven’t managed those extra few inches yet, I am definitely taller than before. A little over an inch actually.

The fact that Klicks can give you noticeable results as quickly as two weeks (or less) proves that this is a potent and effective formula.

Final Verdict


Klicks is a highly unique supplement aimed at an aspect of bodybuilding that only the most dedicated people will desire to improve.

It provides the framework that will benefit any athlete or bodybuilder who is serious about taking their physique to the strongest, most powerful levels.

We are confident in recommending Marine Muscle Klicks to serious athletes who know precisely what they want when it comes to strengthening the body’s bone structure, gaining height and all of the benefits of a natural HGH alternative.

You can buy Klicks from – https://marinemuscle.com/store/klicks/

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