How To Increase Bench Press Fast

How To Increase Bench Press Fast

Simple Tips To Increase Bench Press Fast

If we were to ask 10 people to name a popular bodybuilding exercise performed in the gym, 9 people out of those 10 would, on average, say ‘the bench press’.

The bench press is one of those exercises that needs no introduction or explaining.

We can instantly picture it in our minds and chances are that we also perform it regularly and include it as a staple part of our chest routine.

For anybody looking for a thick, firm, and strong chest, the bench press is ideal for a number of reasons.

What’s more, the bench press can also be performed using a barbell, smith machine, or dumbbells, and can be carried out at different angles to help target different parts of the chest.

For people trying to increase bench press fast, however, it’s easy to find yourselves hitting natural plateaus, which can be demoralizing and can hinder your progress.

If you’re trying to increase bench press fast and have found yourself hitting a natural plateau, take a look at these handy tips and you’ll quickly be back on track, benching more weight than ever before.

Work Your Triceps

When you perform barbell bench presses, your triceps also get a pretty decent workout, which is one of the things that helps make barbell bench presses a fantastic example of great compound exercises.

To generate enough explosive power to be able to bench more weight, however, as your triceps also play such a key role in executing the exercise, you should make sure that your triceps are getting plenty of work.

A lot of people neglect their triceps in favour of their biceps, and will perhaps only perform a couple of quick exercises, usually rope pushdowns, at the end of their workouts.

What they should be doing, however, is working their triceps just as they would with any other muscle group.

For anybody trying to increase bench press fast, a set of strong and powerful triceps is absolutely essential.

Increase Rep Ranges

As the objective here is to be able to bench more weight, this next tip may sound a little bizarre to some of you, but just hear us out.

If you’ve found that you simply cannot bench press any more weight than what you’re currently able to lift, a great way of really helping to shock to the body into a positive response, is to, for a few weeks, perform the same bench press exercises, only with lighter weights and more repetitions instead.

Say you’re stuck on 225lbs and simply can’t go any heavier, for the next few weeks, try 200lbs instead, aiming for more reps.

Gradually work your way back up to 225 and by the time you get back there, you should then be able to bench slightly more, which will then increase more and more with each passing week.

Make Sure You’re Eating Enough

When you’re training heavy, you need to ensure you have plenty of energy, which will mean that your body must have plenty of calories available which it will then convert into energy for you.

Before you hit the gym, make sure you have a good supply of calories in your body, in the form of healthy meals and supplements.

Oatmeal, peanut butter, and a banana for example, is one of the best pre-workout meals you could hope for, as it provides fats, proteins, and both fast, and slow release carbohydrates, so your body literally has everything it needs. A pre-workout protein shake is also beneficial, around one hour before you train.

Work On Your One Rep Max

A lot of people when trying to increase bench press fast, will actually attempt to do so, without knowing what their one rep max is.

Basically, your one rep max is the amount of weight that you can lift when performing the exercise, for one rep only, unassisted.

Once you know what your one rep max is, you can then work on increasing it.

Instead of performing 4 – 6 heavy reps, instead, work on performing just one rep, with the heaviest weight you can manage.

This will help stimulate new growth and will recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibers, which will then help you to generate more explosive power to help power the bar up from your chest.

Use The Lightest Plates The Gym Has

Most gyms will have light plates, starting at just 1.25lbs.

Use these 1.25lbs plates to your advantage and use them to help you increase the amount of weight you can bench.

For example, most people who will max out at 225lbs, will then throw a 22lb plate on either side of the bar the next time they attempt to lift, and will then wonder why they fail to lift the weight.

Even 10 – 12 lbs extra aside, is too much in one go.

Instead, you should gradually work your way up, by increasing the weight in increments of 1.25lb plates per side.

Begin at around 200lbs for example, perform one rep, add another 1.25lb plate, perform another rep, and continue to do so until you reach absolute failure.

More often than not, you will be able to lift more than you originally thought, just make sure you have plenty of light plates on hand.

Get Yourself Fired Up

If you’ve ever seen powerlifters or strongmen before they attempt insane lifts, one of the things you may have noticed, is the fact that they are incredibly pumped up and fired up, which will then increase their adrenaline levels, which will help them lift more weight.

Now, you don’t have to walk around the gym screaming at the top of your lungs, head-butting walls, and looking like you’re ready to rip somebody’s head off, but there are things you can do to help fire yourself up and get in the ‘zone’.

Try smelling salts, which will really awaken your senses and help you focus.

On top of that, listen to your favourite music, and try to focus yourself mentally, on the task at hand.

For anybody looking to increase bench press strength, being fired up and pumped up is incredibly beneficial.

Try Explosive Lifts

By explosive lifts, we don’t mean you should bench press some TNT, but rather, that you should focus on recruiting more fast-twitch muscle fibers by focussing on pressing the bar explosively and quickly on the way up.

When looking to increase bench press fast, explosive lifting is ideal.

You will lift the bar off the rack slowly and slowly control the bar down until it grazes your chest.

Here, you will pause for a second, before pushing the bar upwards as quickly and as powerfully as you can, as if you were pinned under it and were trying to free yourself from it.

Bench Press More Often

When we aren’t very good at something, or when we are trying to get better at something, we practice it and try to do it more frequently.

With bench pressing, the same principle applies.

To increase bench press fast, experts recommend increasing the frequency in which you bench press each week.

For example, if you only bench once per week, try benching twice per week instead, or have a day solely for working on your bench press, in which you will bench press, and work muscle groups and perform exercises that you know are going to help you to improve and get better.

After a few weeks of increased bench press frequency, you should notice a pretty impressive improvement.

Change Your Grip

You may not realize it, but by simply altering your grip slightly, you will be able to lift a great deal more weight on the bench press.

The narrower your grip, the less the chest is worked and the more the triceps are worked.

By going for a slightly wider grip, however, you may be able to generate even more power from your chest muscles, as well as your triceps muscles as well, which will mean that you will be able to lift more weight.

If you aren’t making any progress, try adjusting your grip and going slightly wider than usual.

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