How to Cycle Steroids? Bulking, Cutting & Beginner Protocols

How to Cycle Steroids? Bulking, Cutting & Beginner Protocols

A good/bad steroid cycle can be the difference between you having a good physique or an amazing one. If you get your magic potion right, you could have millions of gym rats ‘mirin you worldwide.

You don’t have to be competing on the Mr Olympia stage to have a body that everyone is in awe of…

Just look at guys like Bradley Martyn, Calum Von Moger and Chul Soon. These bodybuilders are quite obviously on steroids, yet have millions of fans on their social media accounts…despite not competing vs Phil Heath and co on the Olympia stage.

Such bodybuilders have earned truck loads of money from sponsorship deals and some have set up their own personal training companies, just because they’re in awesome shape.

In this article I’m going to list the best steroid cycles that exist today, based on your individual goals, so you too can build a world-class physique.

Note: You can get JACKED without steroids, however to do so you’ll need incredible genetics like Simeon Panda or CT Fletcher. If you’re DNA isn’t quite as anabolic, carry on reading!

Cycle Duration

All of the following cycles shouldn’t be run for more than 8 weeks, unless you already have a wealth of experience with anabolics. The reason for this is because the longer a cycle is, the more likely you are to suffer from side effects.

Thus the cycles listed below should last for 2 months.

Best Bulking Steroid Cycles

bulking steroids

The following steroid cycles are the best I’ve come across, after doing lots of research on guys that take them and their feedback.

  • Dianabol, Deca and Testosterone (8 weeks)

Dianabol, deca and testosterone is an amazingly powerful stack that shouldn’t come with too many harsh side effects, due to the absence of anadrol and trenbolone.

With this stack you can expect to gain a huge amount of mass, whilst having incredibly full and thick muscles during your cycle. You may also burn a little fat due to the addition of testosterone (which has some fat-burning qualities).

This is the bulking stack I would take if I decided to hop on the juice.

  • Testosterone and Trenbolone (8 weeks)

Testosterone and trenbolone cycles work incredibly well for building lean mass. If you want to look ridiculously aesthetic when bulking, this stack is for you as it won’t cause any water retention.

Testosterone increases muscle hardness and trenbolone acts as a diuretic, so you’ll actually lose water. Thus the weight you’ll gain from this cycle will be almost 100% pure muscle.

These 2 steroids can also be used for cutting, so they’ll keep you lean during your bulk…unless you’re gorging on 8,000 calories a day; then you might still put on some puppy fat.

Best Cutting Steroid Cycles

Here are the best steroid cycles for burning fat and getting ripped to smithereens.

  • Clenbuterol, Anavar, Testosterone (8 weeks)

This cycle is ideal for those trying to lose a lot of fat FAST. Clenbuterol and anavar are extremely powerful fat burners, whilst testosterone is added to stop your body from going catabolic (preventing any muscle loss).

If you want a very mild cutting cycle, with as few side effects as possible, you can take anavar and clenbuterol. Some people like to take clenbuterol for 2 weeks on, followed by 2 weeks off as they get better results and less side effects this way.

  • Winstrol and Testosterone (8 weeks)

Winstrol and testosterone is a sweet cutting cycle for those who’d like to lose fat and build some muscle at the same time.

Some naive gym rats think that building muscle and burning fat simultaneously is impossible.

In this case, winstrol and testosterone make the impossible – possible. You won’t burn as much fat as the previous cutting cycle, but you will build more muscle.

With the addition of winstrol in this stack, it’ll probably be a little harsher on your body, so you might experience a few more side effects.

Beginner Steroid Cycles

  • Testosterone (4-8 weeks)


  • Dianabol (4-8 weeks)

The best steroid for beginners to take is either testosterone or dianabol. I’d recommend taking one of these steroids for 4 weeks, then assessing how you feel. If you’re experiencing unwanted side effects, stop after 4 weeks and give your body a rest.

If you feel relatively fine and you’re in steady health, extend the cycle to 8 weeks.

Testosterone and dianabol will give you roughly the same results when bulking. You might gain a bit more size and weight on dianabol, due to some additional water weight. But generally these 2 are very similar bulking steroids.

If you’re a beginner and you just want to lose fat, you might not be interested in testosterone or dianabol…in which case you should opt for anavar or clenbuterol. These are fairly mild cutting agents which a beginner can use without many problems.

Written by Ernst Peibst
Ernst Peibst
Erny Peibst is a bodybuilder with 6 years experience reading and writing about anabolic steroids. Erny has spent over 2,000 hours studying performance enhancing drugs; analysing countless studies, reading several books and consulting some the world's finest doctors. He uses Fitness on Steroids as a platform to share his expertise.

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