Greg Plitt: A Lifetime Natural, Or Secretly Taking Steroids?

Greg Plitt: A Lifetime Natural, Or Secretly Taking Steroids?

RIP Greg Plitt. 

Those familiar with Greg’s motivational YouTube videos, will know he was a man capable of giving you more energy than any pre workout; and a bigger surge in testosterone than any test booster.

Warning: When watching any of Greg’s videos, be aware that he’s prone to using foul language; to the extent where Christian Bale on a Terminator set sounds relatively meek.

Greg wasn’t just a ripped fitness model who appeared on almost every fitness magazine cover imaginable. His motivational talks and fierce ambition, instilled dedication and discipline in millions of people all over the world; helping them turn their lives around.

His trojan-like work ethic was evident from an early age, serving as an army ranger in the US military, aged 22. He later advanced to the role of company commander, being responsible for over 180 soldiers. After serving his country, he decided to switch career paths; after he was spotted in a bar, during a weekend away with his friends.

The rest is history.

Greg Plitt appeared on a magazine cover every single month for 5 years straight. Click to Tweet

He’s currently remembered as one of the realist and most successful models the fitness world has seen, or what many believe, will ever see.

Greg Plitt Stats

  • Height: 6ft, 1
  • Age: 37
  • Weight: 185 – 195lbs (84kg – 89kg)
  • Body fat %:  6-8%

Note: Greg said he was 215lbs when he first entered the army (1). Thus he was considerably smaller when appearing on magazine covers.

Greg Plitt Was Anti-Steroids

Greg never shied away from talking about steroids. He’s spoken about this taboo subject in several of his videos. In one video he says the following:

Greg Plitt: Steroids are going to kill you, kill you motherf*%@a! Do not effing do them.Click to Tweet

Later in the same video, Greg even went as far to call his fans A-holes (if they’re juicing).

You’re not rolling the dice for an external factor, that’s bull effing sh*t, if you do that sh#t you’re an a$$hole. Effing capital a$$hole. And if you’re doing that sh*t, get the f@ck off my site man.

At the end he also talks about sustainability and building your foundation on rock, ensuring your endeavors last a lifetime. Rather than taking “some crap”, that’ll make you lose muscle when you come off.

Here’s another video about steroids where he focuses on the mental aspects. He says taking a pill for a quick fix is never good in the long run, as it’s faking success. Plus if you take shortcuts in bodybuilding, you won’t be able to apply any discipline or mental strength to other aspects of your life, such as in your marriage or your work life/business.

One of the best quotes from Greg (in the above video), when referring to steroid-use was:

You’re cashing cheques, that your body can’t cash later.

Thus, it’s unlikely that someone who openly speaks about their hate for steroids – is actually on them. However, it’s certainly not impossible, given all the lies and deceit in bodybuilding. So, lets take a look at the evidence.

Steroid Symptoms

If someone’s juicing they’ll usually have some steroid symptoms.

Tren-users will have acne, dry muscles or/and 3D delts.

Deca-users will have super-full and thick muscles. Dbol-users’ muscles will look smooth with some water retention.

Guys on anadrol will be bloated. Winstrol users will be dry and depleted. Guys popping clenbuterol tend to have a red, flushed look to their skin. And the list goes on.

However, Greg doesn’t have any obvious steroid symptoms after looking at countless photos and analyzing his body composition throughout his life. His vascularity wasn’t prominent, he had no signs of gyno, always a tight midsection, never any bloat and his trapezius/deltoid muscles weren’t overly developed.

Gains Timeline

We couldn’t find any pictures of Greg in his teens, thus we can’t compare his gains over the years to see if his muscles blew up in a short period of time, or not.

To those who remembered him in the fitness world, they’ll remember that Greg generally looked the same all year round. However, we’ve found some photos of Greg in his earlier army days, where he’s considerably bigger (see below).

greg plitt steroids


In the above photos Greg looks to be 20-30lbs pounds heavier, compared to his fitness modelling days. This correlates with the weight he said he was when he joined the army (1).

Thus, if Greg was lifting weights regularly whilst shooting covers left, right and center; how did he manage to lose 20-30lbs of lean mass?

The only logical answer is – he came off steroids.

He deflated, going from JACKED to reasonably big; whilst continuing to train his butt off in the gym.

Greg Plitt Transformation

greg plitt transformation

There are a few pictures online of Greg looking pretty slim, like in the picture on the left. Thus I believe the above transformation represents the typical gains Greg would’ve experienced before and after steroids.

Greg looks a good 50-60 lbs heavier in the after photo, which is the typical weight a steroid-user will gain (after several cycles).

However, I do believe Greg could’ve been natural during his fitness modeling days, retaining some of his previous steroid gains through his unrivaled work ethic.


Based on the evidence, it looks like Greg did take steroids during his former army years. He was significantly bigger back then; looking like a juicy bodybuilder, than a lean/ripped cover model.

He also dropped 20-30lbs from his transition to fitness modelling. It’s unnatural to lose this amount of mass, whilst still regularly lifting weights.

This verdict isn’t to say Greg’s criticism of steroids is hypocritical, as he never claimed to be natural. He may have taken them and regretted it, and tried to use his experience to steer bodybuilders in the opposite direction. Also when he was massive, this was long before he made a name for himself in the fitness industry, thus the guy who was inspiring millions across the world with his YouTube videos, quite possibly was natural.

This conclusion isn’t to take anything away from Greg’s legacy; being one of the most inspirational figures to ever grace the fitness world.

Random video: here’s an epic Old Spice ad, featuring Greg Plitt.

What Steroids Was Greg Taking?

It looks like Greg may have been taking testosterone. Test would’ve helped him build significant amounts of lean muscle (2), whilst keeping his body fat down (3). Testosterone also doesn’t come with many visual side effects (when taking moderate doses), thus explaining his natural-looking physique even when he was JACKED.

Deca durabolin is also a possibility, given the fullness and thickness of his muscles in those previous photos.

Greg will be remembered as THE king of magazine covers and the alpha of alpha males.


greg plitt legacy





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