Do Steroids Make Your Penis Smaller?

Do Steroids Make Your Penis Smaller?

No one dares to talk about this topic; yet everyone is curious as to what happens down below when you start taking steroids…

Do steroids really make your penis smaller?

Steroids can make your testicles reduce in size, as your body shuts down testosterone production towards the end of your cycle. However, in regards to your penis; it will fluctuate in size on and off-cycle.

Whilst your on steroids, your penis will actually grow bigger.


Because the size of your penis is determined by blood flow.

…The more blood flow there is, the bigger it’ll be.

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Many steroids (particularly bulking ones) will increase your testosterone levels to insane levels. And the more testosterone you have, the higher your red blood cell count will be.

The higher your red blood cell count, the better your blood flow.

When you take steroids the volume of blood in your body can increase from 10-20%. This increase in blood volume is why steroid-users get huge-ass pumps in the gym and have more vascularity in comparison to nattys.

Guys who experience a bigger penis from taking steroids will tell you that this effect is only temporary and when they stop using roids, their blood flow regulates back to normal and their previous penis size will return.

Note: steroids will only increase your penis size slightly, so don’t get your hopes up thinking you’ll turn into Donkey Kong overnight!

HGH = Bigger Penis?

Guys who use human growth hormone report their penis growing thicker and longer.

This is because HGH makes every tissue and organ in the body grow. Your heart, kidney, lungs, your skull, your nose…and even your penis.

So, will HGH make your penis grow bigger?


How much will HGH make your penis grow and is it permanent?

It won’t make your penis grow a lot, but noticeable increases are common.

It also depends how long you use HGH for; if you use it regularly over a period of several years the results will almost certainly be permanent and you’ll see more growth compared to using it sporadically.

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Steroids and Penis Size During Puberty

Testosterone levels can directly impact your penis size during puberty. The higher your test levels, the bigger your sexual organ will grow.

Thus if you haven’t finished going through puberty yet, steroids can make your penis grow dramatically and permanently. However, I don’t recommend you take steroids at such a young age because this will mess up your natural hormone production for years to come.

Not worth it, trust me.


Most steroids will temporarily make your penis a little bigger due to the extra blood flow.

(For more information on how to boost blood flow via your diet – go here).

Taking human growth hormone can also make your dick larger, due to it promoting tissue growth in the body.

Steroids will NOT make your penis smaller, however you can experience smaller testicles due to low testosterone levels after finishing a cycle (this effect is only temporary).

So, if you’ve decided to start taking steroids, you don’t have to worry about your worst nightmare coming true…

Aka your penis shrinking.

If steroids did cause your penis to shrink, I’m pretty sure no one would take them.

…After all, a man’s Johnson is his most prized possession!

Instead, 1 million people in Britain take steroids and 5% of teens in the US are also thought to be juicing (2).

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