Cutting Steroids

Cutting Steroids

There’s no point packing on huge amounts of size if you aren’t lean enough to show off your hard-earned muscle.

…Instead you’ll just be classed in the ‘fat person’ category, even if you do have a load of muscle underneath it all.

After a typical bulk, many bodybuilders’ muscle tone has decreased and their abs are no longer visible. But, it’s surprising how big you can look AFTER a cut; despite the fact you’re losing weight/size (in the form of fat).

Significantly reducing your waist size whilst retaining your muscle mass is a great way to make your muscles look bigger without them actually growing bigger. See, how big you look all depends on how big your muscles appear in comparison to your waist. If you’ve got a tiny waist you won’t have to be very big to look JACKED.

…Just look at gymnasts. A lot of these guys only have 15 inch arms. But this is 15 inches of solid muscle and when they’re only 5 ft 7 – they look SWOLE.

When you start getting really lean you’ll experience:

  • Roadmap vascularity
  • Ripped six pack abs
  • Overall increased muscle definition (and striations when below 4% BF).

Best Cutting Steroids Chart


Fat Loss Muscle Gains Lowest Price


   10      1 $61.99


     8      2 $54.99
    Winstrol      8      6 $54.99


     6      9 $61.99


     5      9 $59.99

      Deca Durabolin

     1       8 $61.99


      1      10  $59.99


      1       10

If you’d like to shred fat, then pick the highest rated steroids under ‘Fat Loss’.

If you are concerned about muscle loss during a cut, or you’d like to build muscle whilst cutting; the steroids with the highest ‘Muscle Gains’ score would be a good choice.

How Much Fat Will You Lose?

cutting steroid transformation

How lean you’ll get will depend on several factors including:

  • Which cutting steroids you use
  • What other steroids you add to your stack
  • The duration of your steroid cycle

People want different things when cutting; for some the main concern is muscle loss, whilst others are more worried about their strength going down. Others don’t mind strength and muscle size going down a bit as long as they get ripped to shreds.

The stacks below will help with easing any anxieties you may have when cutting.

Best Cutting Steroids Stack

One of the best cutting stacks you can take is Anavar, Testosterone, Clen and Winstrol.

Generally, the longer a cycle; the more fat loss you’ll experience.

This stack is perfect for those who’d like to get extra ripped for a special occasion or season of the year i.e. looking insane come beach season, or keeping the fat off over the Christmas period.

Steroids That Can Build Muscle and Burn Fat

If you want to build muscle whilst shredding fat; you can add some bulking steroids to your stack.

Combining both bulking and cutting steroids together will help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Expect to pack on some serious muscle, whilst simultaneously burning fat at a rapid rate.

Such steroids are:

  • Trenbolone
  • Testosterone

Both of these AAS are extremely anabolic, helping you build muscle (even whilst you’re cutting). Trenbolone is the better fat-burning steroid of the two, however testosterone will produce fewer side effects. Because it’s a more mild compound – testosterone is often preferred by users (especially beginners).


The best cutting steroids, in terms of fat loss, are:

  • Clenbuterol
  • Anavar
  • Winstrol

Note: clenbuterol isn’t actually a steroid but has been included in this article as it’s one of the most popular compounds a bodybuilder can take when cutting.

If you’ve taken cutting steroids before and would like to share your experiences, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂 









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