Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids for Thor?

Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids for Thor?

Didst Chris Hemsworth taketh steroids to playeth the mighty Thor? Or was thy gains of a natural kind?!

Don’t worry this whole article won’t be written in Shakespearean…but the idea did cross my mind.

So did Hemsworth use steroids to bulk up for the role of this Asgardian God?

The general consensus is yes. And the reasoning for this is…

“He’s got to be on steroids, he’s jacked!”

However, this type of opinion holds no weight and lacks credibility.

Looking at how big someone is and saying they must be on steroids is naive, because building muscle comes down to a person’s genetics, which is individualized.

Everyone has different limits for building muscle.

One guy who’s lifted weights for 20 years might be dwarfed by a genetically gifted 14 year old, who’s not even finished going through puberty yet…

People forget that bodybuilding is a sport where success is largely determined by genetics, rather than hard work. Working your ass off and eating clean only gets you so far in this sport unfortunately.

Hard work will allow you to fulfil your genetic potential but it won’t turn weak genetics into exceptional ones.

So is Hemsworth natty or has the ex-Home and Away actor been juicing? (Not the fruit kind).

Here’s my findings…

Chris Hemsworth Before Thor

Chris Hemsworth gained 20lbs of muscle in preparation for Thor (2011).

The most reliable way of detecting if someone’s taken steroids is looking at their body composition over several years.

Natural guys will build a significant amount of muscle when they first start lifting weights; these gains will come in the space of a few months. However, from that point they’ll plateau (staying the same size).

So if a guy’s been lifting weights for several years and reaches a plateau…then suddenly blows up and gets huge, it’s obvious they’re taking steroids.

Lets take a look at what Chris looked like in Ca$h (Chris’ last film before Thor)…

chris hemsworth cash film

The time difference between these Ca$h and Thor was 1 year.

From this picture we can see that Chris looks pretty muscular already, albeit not AS jacked as he was in Thor.

IF Chris had been lifting weights during the filming of Ca$h, he’s almost certainly used steroids to pack on even more size/mass.

Because gaining 20lbs of muscle for a non-newbie is unheard of (without using steroids).

Chris Hemsworth: God-Like Genetics?

In an interview with Men’s Health Chris said the following:

“It wasn’t until Thor that I started lifting weights. It was all pretty new to me” (1).

Holy shit.

This means he was jacked before he even set foot in a gym…

It makes sense that his gains from Ca$h to Thor are natural because he’s only gained 20lbs of muscle.

Experts agree that this is the average amount of lean muscle built when a newbie starts lifting weights (2).

However, steroid-users typically gain 30-50lbs in the first 3 months (3).

Here’s another comparison picture when he was in Home and Away (2007-2011).

chris hemsworth transformation

He hasn’t exactly doubled in size since this time. Yes he’s added some muscle, but this is far from a typical steroid transformation.

I’ve seen some before/after pictures of Chris online, which aren’t to scale and he’s in different positions. These can create an illusion that someone’s gained 100lbs of muscle.

However, the comparison photo above is to scale, with him being in the exact same front, relaxed position.

Bobby Hanton, Chris Hemsworth’s close friend and stunt double, also said:

“Chris is naturally a monster and all he has to do is look at weights and he grows” (4).

All these comments and evidence point to the mighty one being natty.

Is Chris Hemsworth on Steroids?

We have found no evidence to suggest Chris Hemsworth is on steroids. In fact, all of the evidence points to him being natural. 

chris hemsworth body

Before doing hours of research for this article I would’ve guessed Chris Hemsworth is juicing.

In a matter of months he got BIG. And by big I mean even by natural bodybuilder’s standards.

But it’s clear now that his transformation was the result of newbie gains.

Before picking up Mjolnir, Chris was an absolute stranger to bodybuilding and lifting weights.

…but he was already jacked!

Also if he’d taken steroids, he wouldn’t have gained 20lbs of muscle…he would’ve added 30-50lbs and got even more swole.

Also Chris’ muscle mass hasn’t increased much since his young Home and Away days; so if you DO think he was juicing for Thor, you’d also have to say he was also taking steroids during this programme (which is very unlikely).

It seems like Chris Hemsworth was simply destined to play Thor…

In fiction, Chris is a god.

In reality, he’s got been blessed with genetics by GOD.


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Written by Juice Guru
Juice Guru is a bodybuilder with over 30 years of experience when it comes to steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Juice Guru uses Fitnessonsteroids.com as a platform to share his/her expert knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Did Chris Hemsworth Take Steroids for Thor?”

  1. The conclusion of your article here should be “unknown.” I take issue with many of the points you raise, and I find it problematic as you’re spreading falsehoods. Young guys may read this and think they can achieve a physique like Hemsworth naturally because of what you’ve written. When they find out they can’t, they may get depressed and develop body image issues.

    Here are my issues with what you’ve written:

    1. It is physically impossible for anyone (even newbies) to gain 20 pounds of muscle in 6 months naturally. I would argue it’s not even possible within a years time.

    2. Hemsworth’s trainer has said he only trains for an hour a day. Again, not possible to get that physique naturally, within 6 months or a year training only an hour a day.

    3. Hemsworth is NOT naturally jacked nor was he jacked before Thor. He’s always been very lean. You can see it before Thor, and in other non-Marvel movies.

    4. It is not possible for people to drop weight and gain large amounts of muscle in relatively short periods of time. Again, in non-Marvel movies he’s very lean. Then he’s huge again. You don’t gain muscle that quickly naturally.

    5. When playing Thor Hemsworth is 6’3 220lbs. He has said himself that his body does not naturally sit at that weight. But honestly, his trainer says he’s a monster at 6’3 220? At that height, you would expect him to be around 245. So I do question how big he actually is without movie magic. This doesn’t really have anything to do with what you’ve written, but you did reference it so I thought I would mention it.

    So, honestly no one can really know if he’s on steroids or not. However, science would indicate that he is. I am by no means an expert. But I have been lifting myself for 13 years. I think you should strongly consider changing the overall message of this article. Thank you for your time.


  2. Hey Jarrod, thanks for your comment.

    1. It’s almost certain that any person who steps in the gym and follows a standard bodybuilding split will build 20lbs of muscle very quickly (first month or so). This is pretty common knowledge and is referred to as ‘newbie gains’.

    2. 1 hour a day is standard for a ‘newbie’.

    3. Hemsworth is naturally jacked. Look at the picture in this article of him in Ca$h (before he started training for Thor). Or Google a picture of his dad – amazing genetics.

    4. 20lbs isn’t a large amount of muscle to gain for a newbie, it’s actually very normal. For a non-newbie this is abnormal.

    No need to comment to change this verdict, I 100% believe it to be correct 🙂

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