Is Brandon Carter on Steroids or Natural?

brandon carter

Brandon Carter is a personal trainer, fitness model, best-selling author and entrepreneur. He’s transformed thousands of people’s physiques all over the globe and has modeled for Nike, Adidas, Puma and Men’s Health. …Oh and he’s a self-made millionaire. I’ve seen worse resumé’s for a 34 year old. For those who aren’t familar with Brandon…if Dwayne … Read moreIs Brandon Carter on Steroids or Natural?

Connor Murphy: Steroids or Natural?

connor murphy

Connor Murphy is a modern-day bodybuilding prankster/entertainer. For those who don’t know Connor, he’s the dude who makes a (phenomenal) living on YouTube by pulling girls and coming up with inventive ways to troll people. Connor appeals mostly to skinny college guys who want to attract 9/10 girls, by getting ripped to shreds. With over … Read moreConnor Murphy: Steroids or Natural?