Is Ulisses Jr Natural, or Is He Taking Steroids?

ulisses jr

Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder and online personal trainer who’s an icon to gym rats all over the world, because he’s SWOLE and claims to be natty. …He also resembles the predator from the classic Arnie film. Ulisses is very aesthetic with ALL of his muscles well-developed and in proportion. People don’t care if a guy gets big by taking steroids, there’s … Read moreIs Ulisses Jr Natural, or Is He Taking Steroids?

Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids?

bradley martyn looking at Phil Heath

…That moment when you stand next to Phil Heath and don’t look small. Bradley Martyn is the epitome of the male species. Tall, huge muscles and ruggedly handsome (no homo). He also has freakish levels of strength, comfortably bench pressing 405lbs with a CLOSE-GRIP. RIP triceps. If you’ve seen any of his videos on YouTube, Bradley comes across … Read moreIs Bradley Martyn on Steroids?

What Steroids Does Phil Heath Take?

phil heath steroids

For the unaware, Phil Heath is the current 7x Mr Olympia champion. If Phil continues to dominate, he’ll officially go down as the most successful bodybuilder of all time. …That’s if he beats Ronnie Coleman/Lee Haney’s record of winning 8 Sandows. There’s no doubt that those who compete in the Olympia are mass monsters, but Phil is in a league of … Read moreWhat Steroids Does Phil Heath Take?