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Manufacturer: Crazy Bulk (Wolfson Berg Limited)

D-Bal is branded as legal dianabol, designed to replicate the powerful muscle-building effects of methandrostenolone – but without the negative adverse effects.

Dianabol remains as one of the most coveted bulking steroids in the last 50 years, with it causing incredible muscle and strength gains in the off-season. However, the only thing putting some people off is due to dianabol’s illegal status and it causing harsh side effects.

However, Crazy Bulk have designed a product which aims to replicate the exact muscle-building processes in the body, but have kept within the FDA’s guidelines and thus have produced a compound which is 100% legal.

No prescription needed, no anxiety about developing nasty side effects, and zero chance of the police busting down your door. D-Bal ticks all of the boxes.

Buy Dianabol Online

D-Bal (dianabol) can easily be purchased from the official Crazy Bulk website, making it easy for bodybuilders all over the world to get their favourite stash.

D-Bal’s suitable for those who are interested in:

  • HUGE muscle gains
  • BIG strength increases
  • LEGAL compound
  • FDA verified
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Swallow 3 tablets per day with water. Each bottle of D-Bal (dianabol) will last 30 days. Recommended cycle length is 2 months, with 1.5 weeks off.

No PCT is needed, as D-Bal will NOT kill your natural testosterone production.

Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians due to capsules containing bovine gelatin. 

Side Effects

One of the main differences between D-Bal (legal dianabol) and methandrostenolone (illegal dianabol) is the side effects.

D-Bal won’t cause any negative reactions, hence how the FDA have deemed it safe for people to consume. However, methandrostenolone on the other hand can be very dangerous, especially when high doses are used.

Methandrostenolone can result in:

  • Low testosterone levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver damage/failure
  • Hair loss (on scalp)
  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia

D-Bal does not cause any of the above side effects, and is 100% safe. 

What to Stack Dianabol With?

dianabol stack

Crazy Bulk also sells other bulking compounds which you can run D-Bal with simultaneously.

Here are 3 other popular bulking agents:

  • Deca Duro (deca durabolin)
  • Trenorol (tren)
  • Testo-Max (sustanon 250)

These products are also 100% legal to buy. You can get the 3 above legal steroids, combined with D-Bal, in Crazy Bulk’s bulking stack.

Crazy Bulk also have HGH and anadrol compounds available in their range.

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Dianabol Results

dianabol results
Typical dianabol transformation

There haven’t been any studies done on D-Bal, but the anabolic effects of dianabol are well-documented.

Typically, users can gain up to 30lbs during a cycle, especially when combined with other steroids.

Although D-Bal hasn’t been studied, customers have reported of exceptional gains on social media and the reviews on the Crazy Bulk website are very strong.

Crazy Bulk’s social pages are also followed by many people, with over 10k followers just on Instagram. This is a sign of a strong company that delivers with their products.

Furthermore, D-Bal was one of the first ever legal steroids produced, with it standing the test of time ever since. D-Bal is Crazy Bulk’s best-selling compound, with the company having sold over 500,000 bottles in total.

To maximize your results on D-Bal be sure to eat plenty of calories (a minimum of a 500 surplus), and are training for 40-60 minutes, at least 4x per week. This should be enough volume to see good results. If you have more time, you can increase the workout duration/volume further, enhancing your gains.

Dianabol FAQ

Is Dianabol the Best Steroid for Building Size?

It all depends on a person’s individual experience and how their body reacts to certain compounds. However, most people would agree that dianabol is up there with the best of all steroids, when it comes to building mass and size. The only other steroid that might just edge dianabol for pure hypertrophy is anadrol.

Trenbolone and testosterone are also insanely powerful AAS, but won’t lead to as much mass gained compared to dianabol.

Note: with dianabol you’re not going to burn much fat, so for cutting there are much better options than dianabol. I.e. anavar and winstrol.

Are the Gains Permanent?

The results on D-Bal (legal dianabol) are 100% permanent. This is because it doesn’t shut down your natural test production, so you’re not going to lose a lot of size after your cycle finishes.

However, with methandrostenolone (illegal dianabol), your testosterone will get shut down, making your body extremely catabolic when you finish your cycle. Users report keeping roughly 50% of their gains once they come off dianabol, bought illegally via underground labs.

What is Dianabol’s Half Life?

For those who don’t know, a steroid’s half life is the time it takes for HALF of the compound to leave your system.

Dianabol has a short half life, being approximately 3-6 hours. Thus it’s very fast-acting and equally leaves your system fast. Consequently bodybuilders will want to take frequent doses throughout the day, to keep their bodies topped up/as anabolic as possible.

Are There Any Cheap Dianabol Brands?

Crazy Bulk is currently offering a couple of different deals including:

  • Buy 2 get 1 free on dianabol (and all other steroids in their store).
  • Save 20% on all items

Thus combining these 2 deals together and buying in bulk, will be able to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Going by these discounts, if you were to buy 1 bottle of dianabol, you’d save $12 (plus a $25 discount on the RRP value). If you were to buy 3 bottles of D-Bal, you’d save $84 (plus a $75 discount on the RRP).

Thus, as you can see by these calculations, you can potentially save 100’s of dollars in just one order when buying legal dianabol from Crazy Bulk.

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