List of Bulking AAS (Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids)

List of Bulking AAS (Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids)

In this article I’m going to reveal the best bulking steroids on the planet.


Because bulking steroids can get you JACKED and fast.

A-List actors are proof of this; packing on serious muscle mass in just a matter of months prior to a film.

Fans follow these guys workout routines and copy their diets, but they end up looking nothing like their heroes. Why? Because these actors are paid millions for film roles. So they take the best bulking steroids on the market to emulate the superhero-like physiques seen in the comics.

With the right bulking stack and training, you can expect to gain 25lbs of lean muscle in 4 weeks. And up to 40lbs in 8 weeks. But how much you’ll gain will heavily depend on which steroids you take, and what other steroids you combine them with i.e. in a stack.

Combining the best steroids for bulking in a stack will give you the fastest muscle and strength gains.

Although D-Bol is considered the best bulking steroid on the planet; test, deca, anadrol and tren are also very powerful compounds. Thus if you do a D-Bol only cycle, you wont be maximizing your free testosterone levels half as much as if you included these 4 other steroids.

Best Bulking Steroids


Chemically known as Methandrostenolone. This is the steroid Arnold Schwarzenegger was thought to be using in the 70s, contributing to his Mr Olympia triumphs.

Due to Arnie’s success, plus millions of gym rats muscles blowing up after taking D-Bol, it is widely regarded as THE best steroid for bulking.

Dbol has been referred to as the breakfast of champions, due to it helping build some of the greatest bodybuilding champions of all time, such as:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Franco Columbu
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Ronnie Coleman

Gaining 20lbs within the first 30-45 days are usual when taking D-Bol.

Side effects: Temporary water retention. Gyno can occur in extremely sensitive individuals. If this does happen (although unlikely) simply take gynectrol which will balance estrogen levels.


Test can be used during bulking or cutting cycles. In a bulking cycle, because of its extremely anabolic/androgenic nature. Users will experience rapid increases in muscle strength and size, making it an awesome addition to any bulking stack.

In a cutting cycle, test will significantly accelerate fat burning and prevent you from going catabolic (muscle-wasting state), due to a calorie deficit.

Taking testosterone will also spike Dihydrotestosterone levels. DHT is an androgen which is up to 10x more powerful than test = BIG GAINS.

Many worry about DHT because they’re worried theyll go bald. However, DHT levels DO NOT cause balding. Cases of balding from DHT only happen in men already predisposed to male pattern baldness, due to their genetic makeup.

Look at Jay Cutler and Lee Priest for example. After several years/decades of almost certainly taking test; they still have gorgeous locks!

Side effects: Same as Dbol. Plus acne and thinning of hair (only in sensitive individuals).

Bee pollen can increase hair thickness should you experience this.


Trenbolone is an extremely powerful steroid if you want to build MASS. There’s not many better compounds than Tren when it comes to building muscle. Tren is very powerful because it stimulates protein synthesis, spikes IGF-1 AND increases nitrogen retention in the muscles to incredible levels.

The greatest thing about Tren is that it doesn’t cause any water retention whatsoever. So if the scale goes up 15lbs whilst on Tren you can bet this is 15lbs of muscle tissue. This is exactly why many bodybuilders love Tren and make it a compulsory supplement in their bulking stack.

Side effects: Increases LDL cholesterol levels. You may also experience a lack of sex drive when Tren is ran by itself. Combining tren with testosterone will prevent this.

Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin will result in big muscle gains, however remain patient as Deca is known to be a large ester compound, meaning it doesn’t kick in as fast as other steroids.

However remain patient because at the end of an 8 week cycle you definitely wont be disappointed.

Although deca is awesome for packing on mass, its not one of the best steroids for increasing strength if that’s important to you.

The best steroids for strength are: Tren, Anadrol, D-Bol and Test.

Bulking AAS Stack

bulking stack

You can get all 4 of these bulking steroids in a stack.

The links provided in this article are to a reputable, legal steroid retailer Crazy Bulk. Don’t take risks with harmful black market knock offs.

Safety: Steroids are dangerous, however doctors do prescribe steroids to their patients for short term treatment on a daily basis. And millions are taking them every day around the world without severe side effects.

Here’s how you can ensure safety when taking steroids:

  • Don’t overdose
  • Don’t cycle for longer than 8 weeks without a break
  • Don’t take them if you have high blood pressure or any underlying medical problems.

I hope after reading this article you have a much better knowledge on the best steroids for bulking, including how much muscle you can expect to pack on, and (most importantly) how to obtain these steroids legally.

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