5 Bodybuilding Myths EXPOSED

5 Bodybuilding Myths EXPOSED

In today’s article we’re going to be exposing some common myths (or even lies) in bodybuilding. These are things which people genuinely believe are true and can even hold back their progress, or comprehension of what they can achieve.

We’ll be setting the record straight, so you can cut through all the BS in this industry.

Bodybuilding Myths

  1. He’s on steroids
  2. Supplements are needed
  3. You need to eat healthy
  4. You need to lift heavy
  5. Hollywood actors are all on steroids

“He’s on Steroids!”

How many times have you heard someone calling out an individual for “using steroids” – completely discrediting that person’s insane physique, without any evidence whatsoever.

Firstly, in many instances, such accusations are just false. This is slander.

Unfortunately, the “bodybuilding community” today is full of young/naive lifters who believe the lie of – anyone who’s big is juicing.

It IS true that more people than ever are taking steroids today. But it’s also true that bodybuilding has never been more popular, and is virtually mainstream now.

Consequently, more people than before are lifting weights. This creates more potential for bigger natural bodybuilders, as the more people who compete in a sport, the more that sport naturally evolves. This is due to more competition, increasing the chance of superior genetics, compared to past eras.

So, stop accusing people of taking steroids, as 1) It’s possible you’re wrong and 2) it’s pathetic. Use that same energy you use being a keyboard warrior, in the actual gym and you’ll stop looking like a twig – and build some real muscle (and one day people might accuse you of being on the juice).

Supplements Are Needed

I recommend supplements, because I need to make a living (like many others in the fitness industry); but I’m not going to lie about how effective they are.

You do NOT need supplements to get jacked/shredded. 

Natural supplements are very overhyped/overrated when it comes to getting in awesome shape. How do you think people like Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Melvin Wells and Eugene Sandow got swole in pre-steroid eras?

*By the way, look at how similar Melvin Wells looked in comparison to Simeon Panda today. Melvin Wells was a natural bodybuilder in the 40’s (before steroids were used) and in contrast, Simeon Panda today is accused of being a “steroid fraud”, as many claim he’s too big. Simeon however strong denies these accusations, and we found plenty of evidence to suggest he’s natty*.

natural vs steroids

Because these pre-steroid guys had insane genetics, trained like animals and ate well, they got massive naturally. There weren’t supplements like BCAAs, whey protein or creatine powders like we have today. These guys stuck to the basics without getting caught up in the supplement broscience of today, where every supplement company under the sun is trying to brainwash you to believe you need certain supplements to take your physique to the next level. YOU DON’T. All you need is to eat and train smart for better gains.

If you’ve reached your genetic potential, taking a test booster or taking large quantities of BCAAS won’t do anything, despite what some corrupt study might tell you.

…I say corrupt, because you often find out that supplement companies are funding these studies (low-key).

If you didn’t know, supplements lie all the time, and are constantly getting busted for fraud.

Bodybuilding.com were fined $7m back in 2012 for spiking supplements with steroids (source).

If supplements work, why would brands feel the urge to spike their formulas with illegal ingredients?

Craze were also fined for containing illegal and meth-like stimulants in their pre workout supplements (source).

You Need to Eat Healthy

You do NOT need to eat healthy to get in great shape. You can lose 30lbs of fat and get shredded by eating junk food every day…how do I know? Because I did it. Multiple times.

So, we know that what foods we eat DOESN’T affect our body composition (to a significant degree), but we do know that HOW MUCH food we eat – greatly determines how our body looks.

However, if you want to be healthy on the inside – junk food diets aren’t optimal.

The IIFYM methodology that’s gone viral in the last 5/6 years, has almost obliterated this myth of having to eat healthy. However, people still believe you need to eat in certain macronutrient ratios in order to make gains.


For the unaware, the IIFYM theory is – you can eat whatever you want, as long as you hit the right quantities of protein/carbs/fats in specific ratios – such as 30/40/30.

What IIFYM followers don’t know is, they could be saving a lot of time NOT working out these ratios – by simply hitting a calorie number instead. No difficult mathematics and much less organisation required.

macros meme

You Need to Lift Heavy

It’s a classic gym example – there’s a dedicated dude who wants to get big and he’s addicted to lifting heavy. He usually hangs out in the squat rack or can regularly be seen doing deadlifts.

Even though he’s a twig, he’s actually pretty strong. His numbers keep going up but he just doesn’t get any bigger (visually).

What’s going wrong?

He’s lifting too heavy. Muscle growth is all about time under tension. If you’re lifting insanely heavy – your muscles are going to be working for just a few seconds. This isn’t enough to stimulate any noticeable muscle growth. To add to this, if you’re lifting super heavy it’s very taxing on your nervous system and thus you won’t be able to do many sets…and the rest time inbetween sets is going to increase.

MYTH: 15+ reps = toning, 8-12 reps = muscle size

You can lift SUPER LIGHT weights, doing loads of reps and have insane muscle growth. I’ve tested this myself and I’ve seen many real-world examples of this.

Look at a mechanics forearms, a cyclists calves or a rock-climbers lats. These guys aren’t lifting insanely heavy weights for just a few seconds. These guys are doing constant movements for several hours throughout the day – with lighter weights.

Heck, if a mechanic was lifting super heavy – he’d burn out if he did his job for more than 1 hour each day. Thus he lifts lighter weights and his forearms are constantly stimulated for many hours each week. As a result, the strength and size of their forearms are better than most bodybuilders.

The same forearm principle also applies to chefs.

The same principle is also why prisoners can get huge in prison. Some of them can’t access prison gyms, and they’re just doing push ups, dips (on their bed) and bodyweight squats for hours everyday.

Hollywood Actors Are All on Steroids

Right off the bat – some Hollywood actors are on steroids.

However, you’ll also be surprised how many of them aren’t. The truth is – in order to get into insane shape, it often requires burning significant amounts of fat and building a small amount of muscle.

This is very attainable without drugs, and just hard work over the course of several months.

People often forget that Hollywood actors have only made it that far, due to them being exceptionally hard-working individuals. Thus if a PT gives them a grueling workout routine to stick to for 6 months – it’s a piece of cake for them.

Chris Hemsworth is one actor which everyone just assumes took steroids because he’s JACKED. However, not many people know that Chris Hemsworth’s genetics for bodybuilding are incredible. Before he even started to lift weights to play the role of Thor – he looked like this.

chris hemsworth natural

This is in a film prior to the first Thor movie he starred in, and was BEFORE he started training for it. As you can see he looks SWOLE in a t-shirt for someone who doesn’t even lift weights. Thus when he started training he added 20lbs (normal newbie gains) of muscle, and blew up. His gains don’t correlate with steroid-gains whatsoever, yet some people are adamant just because he’s in good shape, he’s on the sauce.

Are there any more bodybuilding myths (I didn’t mention) that you’d like to expose? Have your say in the comments below 🙂

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