3 Best Steroids for Lean Muscle Gains

3 Best Steroids for Lean Muscle Gains

Many people are interested in taking steroids. A portion of these are obsessed about building muscle – to the point where they lose track of what actually looks good or not. Aka 90% of pro bodybuilders today…all about the size game and have no interest in aesthetics.

However, some people (believe it or not) actually want to look good after a cycle…rather than resembling a human balloon who can barely walk without their legs chafing.

We’ve all seen them.

…Or the guys who’s arms are so big they can barely wipe their own heiny when they go for a number 2.

Sorry for making you picture that.

crazy bulk

This article is going to cater for the bodybuilder who wants to gain lean muscle…and nothing else from a steroid cycle.

No blurry water retention, No fat…just muscle muscle muscle.

These steroids will help you add significant amounts of lean muscle to your frame, without gaining a load of water, causing you to look puffier than a new-born baby.

It’s important to note that water retention can also be dose dependent, so if you’re taking a steroid that doesn’t generally cause any water retention…if you start overdosing, guess what’s gonna happen?

That was rhetorical.

Anyhow, lets get started…

3 Best Steroids for Lean Muscle Gains


Generally the most toxic and powerful steroids cause the most water retention – ruining aesthetics.

Unfortunately the most powerful steroids often give you the most gains, like say – anadrol.

But not in testosterone’s case. Testosterone is one of the best bulking steroids in the world because of it’s ability to build lean muscle; hence how everyone includes test in their stack.

Testosterone may come with a small amount of water retention, but assuming you don’t overdose and you’re not cycling test all year round – this will only be a very small amount of fluid.


First of all, dianabol does cause some water retention. So if you don’t want to gain any extra water weight, look elsewhere.

However, dianabol only causes moderate amounts of water retention if you use a moderate dose.

A lot of water retention = ugly

A little bit of water retention = not a bad thing

Retaining a small amount of fluid can often make you look smoother; which gives off a more natural look…as opposed to being insanely dry. Dianabol users such as Arnold, Calum Von Moger (almost certainly taking dbol) and Bradley Martyn (very likely) look EPIC, while holding a little extra water.

Recommended 👇

oral dianabol

Many people actually Google whether Von Moger and Bradley Martyn are natural or not, because they really aren’t sure…even though both of those guys are huge.

Water aside – most of the weight you’ll gain from dianabol will be in the form of lean muscle (which will stay with you post-cycle).


You know what I said earlier about how it’s the most powerful steroids that cause the most water retention?

Well this doesn’t apply to trenbolone either.

Trenbolone is a fricking powerful compound that can be used as a bulking or cutting steroid. However, more people than not use tren when bulking and put on immense size.

Trenbolone definitely will not make you gain any water weight. In fact, tren will cause you to lose water; making you seem more shredded and dry. When somebody is lean and they take tren, it’s usually quite obvious (but in a good way) because they look photoshopped.

Every muscle becomes striated and veins start to pop everywhere.

Some people say trenbolone’s side effects are harsher than other steroids, but others say it’s more or less the same as other anabolics. Whether you’ll get on with tren or not nobody knows…but if you do, you’ll grow to love this steroid.


  • Testosterone
  • Dianabol (a little water)
  • Trenbolone

Other worthy mentions include: deca durabolin, human growth hormone and winstrol.

Deca will result in some water retention – although not a lot.

HGH won’t build as much muscle compared to the other steroids in this article. And winstrol can help you add size, but it’s predominantly a cutting steroid; thus not as powerful as other bulking steroids when it comes to building muscle.

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