Best Steroids for Cutting

Best Steroids for Cutting

Why you NEED to know about the best steroids for cutting…

If you’re big and bulky people will respect you. But if you’re shredded, people will be in awe of you.

It’s the difference between a good physique and an amazing one. Arnold understood this from his early days when he met Vince Gironda, who on their first meet called Arnold a “Fat f**k!” (after he’d just won the Mr Universe competition).

Of course Arnie wasn’t fat, but Vince was making a point that he certainly wasn’t cut and thus could look much better.

…And he was right.

Arnie took Vince’s criticism on board and started to learn more about how to diet and the best steroids for cutting.

The result? He cut down another 5% body fat, taking his physique to a new level, enabling him to become 7x Mr Olympia champion.

So, which steroids are best AAS for burning fat?

Best Steroids for Cutting

best steroids for cutting


Otherwise known as Oxandrolone. Anavar is a very uncomplicated steroid: it’s one of the best steroids for cutting on the planet, due to it being a powerful fat burner; and it comes with little/no side effects. This is because it’s a weak androgen, hence why so many women take it as well as men.

Anavar burns fat in 2 different ways:

1. It stimulates lipolysis – the process of burning fatty acids for fuel.

2. It boosts your metabolism, allowing you to burn a greater amount of calories each day.

But not only will it help you with your cutting, it will also help you retain muscle/strength due to its anti-catabolic properties. Some users even experience an increase in lean muscle/strength when cutting with Anavar. It does this by increasing nitrogen retention and reducing SHBG, the sex hormone-binding globulin. These will both help increase protein synthesis and free testosterone levels producing a more anabolic environment for you whilst cutting.

Are the gains from Anavar are permanent?

Answer: Yes. Many report of their lower body fat % staying, long after a cycle of anavar has finished.


Clenbuterol is arguably the greatest steroid available for burning fat. Despite it not being as anabolic (muscle building) as anavar; it’s right up there as one of the best steroids for cutting.

It works by stimulating thermogenesis, the process where your body temperature increases, thus spiking your metabolism to a point where your body virtually becomes a fat burning machine.

It works so well that many bodybuilders start taking clen only 4-8 weeks before a competition, which when you’re trying to get under 4 % body fat – isn’t much time at all.

Although Clen is very good at burning fat, it’s no miracle steroid. I.e. you can’t go out stuffing your face with Mcdonalds every day and expect to get down to 6% body fat.

Clean eating combined with Clen is the perfect combination for fast fat loss.

Side effects: increased heart rate, insomnia and dry mouth in some individuals. This passes once a clenbuterol cycle has finished.


Ever wondered why black guys not only have bigger muscles than white guys, but are also more ripped?

Answer: They have more testosterone.

Thus if you add testosterone to your stack when bulking you can expect to pack on more strength and size, whilst minimizing fat gain.

Put testosterone in your cutting stack and you can expect to burn fat at a much faster pace whilst simultaneously boosting your strength and adding muscle. This is hands down the most anabolic steroid to use when cutting, making it almost impossible for you to lose muscle.

Side effects: increased aggression, acne, your hair may thin if male pattern baldness runs in your family. If it does, get some finasteride which blocks DHT.


Scientifically known as stanozolol. Winstrol works very well when a person is already lean (under 12% body fat), and wants to get that extra bit ripped. It burns fat similar to Anavar by reducing the SHBG hormone, giving it some anabolic qualities too.

If you are want to look aesthetic during your cut add Winstrol in as it has a reputation for increasing vascularity and giving you massive pumps, even if you’re glycogen depleted from constant dieting.

Winstrol also doesn’t cause any water retention like other anabolics, giving you that dry, grainy, aesthetic look that modern bodybuilders now strive for.

Side effects: Acheing joints. Temporarily increases liver enzyme activity, which quickly returns to normal off cycle.

Cutting Stack

cutting steroid transformation

For rapid fat loss AND increased strength/muscle during your cut, some users choose to stack all four of these steroids together.

Stacking cutting compounds together like this, combined with cardio and a sensible diet is the fastest way to get very, very lean. And if you’re lean already, prepare to get shredded!

Summary: the 4 best steroids for cutting are – Anavar, Clenbuterol, Testosterone and Winstrol.











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