Did Henry Cavill Take Steroids?

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As you’ve just landed on this article, you’ve almost certainly seen the Man of Steel or Batman vs Superman…two films where Henry Cavill is JACKED. Henry bulked up to a hefty weight of 100kg (1), whilst remaining lean at around 8/9% body fat. Naturally, this has led to people on social media questioning whether he used anabolic steroids … Read moreDid Henry Cavill Take Steroids?

Did Christian Bale Take Steroids For Batman Begins?

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So you’ve seen the transformation of Christian Bale from The Machinist to Batman Begins…and you’re intrigued by the amount of muscle Christian’s gained in such a short space of time, right? Well, you’re not the only one because his transformation was nothing short of incredible. Christian Bale’s Transformation Took 5 Months… (if you haven’t seen the Machinist or … Read moreDid Christian Bale Take Steroids For Batman Begins?

Is Terry Crews on Steroids or Natural?

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When somebody mentions Terry Crews, brains tend to refer back to this moment… Terry can be best described as ‘the black Hulk’…with a kick-ass sense of humour. Most of us know Terry Crews from films like White Chicks, the Longest Yard, Blended and the Expendables. And some may be surprised to know that he was also an NFL player, retiring in … Read moreIs Terry Crews on Steroids or Natural?

Does Mark Wahlberg Take Steroids or Is He Natural?

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Mark Wahlberg went from being the pretty boy who appeared in Calvin Klein underwear ads to that jacked guy appearing in epic films such as – The Fighter. He also appeared alongside Dwayne Johnson in the bodybuilding film Pain and Gain, playing the role of a roided up gym rat. Interestingly though, Mark said that “because of 12 hour days” on set, he and Dwayne didn’t train … Read moreDoes Mark Wahlberg Take Steroids or Is He Natural?