Anavar Only Cycle: Pros & Cons

Anavar Only Cycle: Pros & Cons

Anavar, or oxandrolone, is one of the best cutting steroids that you can buy in 2016. It’ll help you get shredded when cutting, whilst retaining your hard-earned muscle mass in the process.

Anavar is also a diuretic, meaning that water an excess fluid will be flushed out of the body, significantly enhancing muscle definition – making you look dry.

As you’ve landed on this article you’re probably wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of an anavar-only cycle are. Below is a detailed breakdown of what you can expect from taking anavar by itself, compared to stacking it with other steroids.

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Anavar is a very mild steroid, so you won’t experience hardly any side effects…if any.

However, if you stack the steroid with other cutting agents such as testosterone or winstrol; you’ll start to experience more side effects such as; higher LDL cholesterol levels, more aggression and possible thinning of the hair.

This is because testosterone and winstrol will boost your testosterone levels ridiculously, whereas anavar won’t.

If you add trenbolone into the equation, this is a steroid opposite to anavar when it comes to side effects. Trenbolone is known to cause negative psychological effects as well as physical ones.

So the main benefit to doing an anavar-only cycle is that you won’t be experiencing any adverse effects; just gains.

An anavar-only cycle is also perfect for a beginner who doesn’t want to take harsh compounds early on and would prefer not to stack steroids together.


By only taking anavar, you’ll be cutting your gains short. There’s no disputing the fact you’ll experience better gains if you did stack anavar with other steroids.

As anavar has powerful fat burning effects, it’d be wise to combine cutting steroids in a stack with anavar. Using anavar during a bulk would be pretty pointless as it’s not a steroids that will help you build a significant amount of muscle.

Thus, taking the following steroids will help you burn more fat and preserve/build more muscle during a cut:

  • Clenbuterol
  • Testosterone
  • Winstrol
  • HGH

The cutting steroids which are anabolic (can help you build muscle), even when cutting are; testosterone, winstrol and HGH. You might not build a lot of muscle because you’ll be in a calorie deficit, but you’ll still pack on some decent mass.

The best steroids for burning fat out of these cutting steroids are clenbuterol and winstrol. These are immense fat burners and if you combine these with anavar…well, prepare to get super shredded!
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Anavar-Only Cycle Instructions:

In short, if you want good cutting gains – go for an anavar-only cycle.

If you want awesome cutting gains, stack other steroids with anavar – helping you burn twice as much fat.

If you’re a beginner, most cutting steroids are okay to stack with anavar, as they’re well tolerated compared to many bulking steroids. The only cutting steroid that you shouldn’t stack with anavar (if you’re a beginner) is trenbolone – as this is too powerful for a newbie.

But, if you’ve been juicing for a couple of years and you’ve taken a lot of different steroids; your body will be more adapted to taking new compounds; in which case trenbolone’s side effects will be less harsh.

Anavar for Women

If you’re a female you can stack anavar and clenbuterol together if your goal is to burn fat. These 2 steroids are recommended for women because they aren’t androgenic, meaning you won’t develop the testosterone levels of a man…and all the side effects that come with that.

The cutting steroids women should avoid if they don’t want to develop masculine features are: winstrol, testosterone and trenbolone. Taking such compounds can cause; increased body hair, a manlier face, deeper voice and an enlarged clitoris.

Thus anavar and clenbuterol are the best 2 steroids you can take if you’re a woman…and you want to remain looking like one!

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