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Juice Guru is a bodybuilder who’s cycled steroids and other PEDs for over 30 years. His vast experience has resulted in people reaching out to him/her, wanting to know about different AAS. Consequently Fitnessonsteroids.com was launched as a platform to share everything he knows, helping to educate those who are new to drugs.

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Dr Thomas O’Connor, MD

dr thomas o'connor MD

Dr Thomas O’Connor, also known as the “Anabolic Doc”, is a personal friend of mine and arguably the #1 steroid doctor in the world. Dr O’Connor is the world’s first physician to specialize in the care and treatment of men using anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

Since 2003 he has treated thousands of men using AAS (anabolic androgenic steroids), vastly improving their health and overall well-being.

Dr O’Connor has been featured on the following websites/magazines:

At 47 years old, Dr O’Connor became one of the strongest doctors in the world, recording a 229kg bench press during a powerlifting competition.

Dr. O’Connor has devoted his career in medicine healing those who have deteriorated health due to AAS/PEDs, helping them to maximize their natural testosterone levels, improve liver and kidney function, as well as lowering their blood pressure and protecting them against cardiac disease. Through his vast experience in regards to AAS, Tom shares with the world what he sees in his clinic, his findings and teaches other physicians how to care for their patients who have involvement with AAS/PEDs.


  • American Board of Internal Medicine Certification – Since 2005
  • Clinical Instructor/Teaching Physician-Department of Medicine-University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  • Physician Preceptor Clinical Longitudinal Immersion in the Community (CLIC)
  • Residency Training – University of Connecticut School of Medicine – 2005
  • Professional Medical Studies – New York Medical College – 2002
  • Pre Medical – Post Baccalaureate – Syracuse University


  • Graduate degree, in Exercise Physiology
  • Author of “Anabolic Doc” column in Muscular Development magazine 2009 – Current
  • Contributor to Bill Llewellyn’s, Anabolics Book (11th Edition)
  • Author of the book  “America on Steroids – A Time to Heal”, 2017
america on steroids
Dr O’Connor’s book

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Website: metabolicdoc.com

Facebook: facebook.com/thomasoconnormd

Twitter: twitter.com/themetabolicdoc

Youtube: Anabolic Doc


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