5 Bodybuilders Who Displayed Physical Perfection

5 Bodybuilders Who Displayed Physical Perfection

This article is dedicated to the top 5 bodybuilders with some of the greatest physiques to ever grace the planet. Not all of these bodybuilders are Mr Olympia winners, as looking ‘good’ is different to actually winning the best competition in bodybuilding.

However, one thing all these bodybuilders did have is aesthetics…which had the whole world ‘mirin – including future generations.

No bubble guts, synthol, or over-sized waists in this list…these are legendary physiques with extraordinary genetics.

The perfect physique is subjective, however, the following physiques were (and are) admired by millions in the fitness industry.

Bob Paris

Bob Paris

Bob Paris’s physique will go down in bodybuilding history, with him displaying one of the best mid-sections the sport has ever seen.

Surprisingly to some, his best ever Mr Olympia finish was 7th, which came in 1984 – New York.

Bob never quite had the shredded/dry conditioning needed to win a Sandow trophy, but his aesthetics were there for everyone to see.

He also had model-like facial aesthetics to match his physique.

Unfortunately in 1989, Bob came out as gay on the Oprah Winfrey Show; as a result 80% of all his endorsements were slashed.

However, his name will live on for the incredible bodybuilder that he was.

He is the epitome of what guys try and look like on the beach. Not too big, not too shredded, but impeccably proportionate and ripped six pack abs.

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Bob paris

Flex Wheeler

flex wheeler

Flex will go down as one of the greatest bodybuilders to never win a Mr Olympia title. However, in his defense he was in one of bodybuilding’s golden eras, up against the likes of Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates and Kevin Levrone.

Those bodybuilders may have had superior conditioning onstage, but they couldn’t match the American’s tiny waist, alien-like genetics and perfect proportions.

Flex had a myostain-mutation, meaning that his body didn’t produce normal amounts of this protein-like molecule. As a result, individuals with this condition are prone to experiencing extreme muscle growth. Thus it’s clear that Flex was born to get JACKED.

He had some of the best shoulders bodybuilding’s ever seen, often resembling cannonballs.

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flex wheeler bodybuilder


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Of course, the Austrian-oak had to be on this list.

Arnold is what every guy in the gym has been trying to look like since the 60’s. Unusually for a Mr Olympia champion, Arnie was also very aesthetic.

He built a herculean chest, huge bulging biceps, whilst maintaining a tiny waist.

Arnold, in terms of muscularity, is thought to be the perfect size out of all the bodybuilders from different eras. He wasn’t freakishly big, like some bodybuilders are described as today. And his midsection wasn’t bloated or pregnant-looking like many bodybuilders have been looking; since the introduction of HGH into the market.

His symmetry and muscle proportions had everyone in awe. Unless bodybuilding judges begin to award more points for aesthetics – this type of physique Arnold sculpted seems to be a dying breed on the Olympia stage.

Arnold also had a more ‘natural look’ to his body. This could be attributed to the lower doses, thought to be used back in this classic era. Also Arnold was thought to have opted for softer steroids such as: deca durabolin and dianabol; as opposed to harsher compounds today, such as: trenbolone, anadrol and HGH.

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arnold ripped


Chul Soon

chul soon

Chul Soon really is a phenomenon in 2019. The Asian bodybuilder hasn’t competed on the Olympia stage, however he’s a modern-day social media icon and has competed in federations such as MuscleMania.

He has incredible 3D thickness, with Arnold-like proportions; excluding his traps and deltoids which are superior in size, in comparison to the Austrian.

Chul Soon has huge, thick muscle bellies, a shredded waist and glorious collagen-filled skin, helping to show off his physique.

His shoulders are monster-like…seemingly bigger than most adult’s heads.

He also has great vascularity, making him appear like a human road-map, when at very low levels of body fat.

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bodybuilder shoulder big

chul soon

bodybuilder selfie

Reg Park

reg park

Reg Park has never really got shredded to the bone, however his physique is perfection to the bodybuilder who’s not interested in competing and just wants to get HUGE.

Reg was Arnold’s idol, with the Austrian wanting to emulate Reg’s success on the bodybuilding and Hollywood stage.

Reg, like Arnold, had a very natural look to his body.

Smooth, massive muscles that drew eyeballs to his body. Some could say that Reg Park had the perfect off-season look.

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Which bodybuilders do you believe had the ‘perfect’ physique? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below 🙂

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